Lauren Goodger: ‘Getting Botox is like getting your nails done’

Now’s resident columnist Lauren Goodger is back and this week she’s opening up about Botox!

Botox is like getting your nails done!

I’ve never had a vampire facial but I’d definitely try it. There’s basically something in your blood that you can’t get in a product that puts all the goodness back into your skin. It looks gross, but I’m not squeamish, really.


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To be honest, I haven’t had all that much done to my face. I love a facial or a peel though. I’ve never had any fillers in my face, apart from my lips, and I haven’t had surgery where they have had to cut me. I’ve had Botox only in my forehead.

It doesn’t scare me about what happens when you’re older with this kind of ‘surgery’ as it doesn’t last 
forever. Botox fades, lips deflate or can be dissolved, like I had done. It’s so common now, it’s just like getting your nails done! LOL.

A day 
in my mad life

This week I had a TV meeting to brainstorm ideas for a potential TV show. How would everyone feel about me having a show? What would you wanna see? I think I’ve grown up so much since TOWIE, although I’m probably more nuts LOL.

Before the meeting, I had new hair extensions done by Dan Carter Hair using Fabulong extensions and I love them!

I have quite good hair anyway but I feel so much more glam when it’s that little bit thicker and longer. I also had a facial at the WPR Beauty Spa Cosmetic. I love it there, it’s luxurious and the owner Emma is amazing!

Sad times for Jac and Dan

I feel for Jacqueline Jossa because going through a break-up is hard enough, but it’s even harder when you’re in the public eye and eight months pregnant!

No one knows the ins and outs of other people’s relationships, although we think we do when people 
are famous.

If you’re miserable or not in love, staying together for the sake of the kids can be just as damaging as breaking up, if not worse. I’m sure they didn’t take the decision lightly.

I can tell she’s a strong woman and will be fine but, still, it must be a really hard time for her.

Sunday TV’s the best

This week I’m loving: Ferne McCann’s new show! Love watching her bringing up baby Sunday on her own like the independent woman that she is. She should be really proud of herself.

This week I’m hating: the weather! What is going on? It ruins my hair and it’s freeeeezing. 
I had to get my winter coat out – in May!

Selfie tip ‘Natural lighting is the best, so stand by a window, turn off that flash and get ready to pout!’

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