Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence film Don't Look Up on a ship

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence board a Naval battleship as they film sci-fi movie Don’t Look Up in Boston

Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio and a stacked cast of A-list celebrities have been on set in Boston filming the upcoming sci-fi disaster comedy Don’t Look Up. 

The Adam McKay film has been in full swing over the past few weeks as DiCaprio, 46, and Lawrence, 30, settle into their roles as Dr. Randall Mindy and Kate Dibiasky who play astronomers warning earth about a giant meteorite. 

On Saturday Leo and JLaw were seen boarding the USS Massachusetts as they prepared to film a scene on the huge Naval battleship docked in Fall River. 

Don’t Look Up: Leonardo DiCaprio, 46, climbs aboard the USS Massachusetts to film new sci-fi disaster comedy Don’t Look Up where he plays an astronomer 

Steep climb: Jennifer Lawrence, 30, climbed aboard the Naval battleship’s large ramp as she prepared to film a scene with Leo for the movie

Decked out in full costume, Leo was seen climbing the massive ship’s ramp in a wool coat and a pair of dark slacks. 

As the movie continues to film amid the pandemic he was suited up in a clear face shield as he made his way to set with slicked back hair. 

Lawrence sported red hair for her role as she too made the treacherous climb to the top of the boat. 

The Hunger Games star kept herself bundled in a black down jacket amidst the chilly east coast weather and a clear face shield to keep her makeup intact. 

Doctor’s in: Leo plays the role of Dr. Mindy and he made his way to set decked out in a wool coat and a pair of black slacks 

Serious business: Shooting on the massive ship docked in Fall River the star-studded Netflix production spared no expense for quality content 

She carried a book as she made her way up the ramp among a bevy of production folks who were bundled in warm clothes and suited up in masks. 

As reported by a local Fall River paper, Battleship Cove – where the ship is stationed – had its parking lot turned into a mini city for filming. 

Extras were seen dressed up as as sailors and were photographed taking a dinner break as they prepared for scenes. 

Not photographed on set were the star-studded film’s other actors Timothee Chalamet, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, and Tyler Perry – to name a few. 

On a mission: JLaw held a book in her hand as she walked up the ramp as her character Kate sporting red hair 

 On the move: The Wolf of Wall Street star safely made his way up to film at the top of the ship as he entered set separate from Lawrence

Matthew Perry who also appears in the film was photographed on set Thursday with Jonah Hill and Streep as they filmed a scene that looked like a political rally. 

The movie is crossing over into the musical pool as celebrities Kid Cudi and Ariana Grande are also involved in the exciting project. 

Though a lot of the details around Don’t Look Up are shrouded in secrecy it seems the cast just keeps getting more dazzling as it was announced late this week that Chris Evans would be joining the cast. 

The Captain America actor was seen swabbing himself with a rapid COVID-19 test before entering the premises as they adhere to strict guidelines while before and during filming. 

The movie is set to hit Netflix some time in 2021.  

Stacked cast: The film also stars Streep, Chalamet, Blanchett, Hill, Perry and recently it was announced by Deadline that Evans had signed onto the project

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