Liam Payne reveals his and Louis Tomlinson’s sons are getting to meet

After fuelling speculation of a One Direction reunion, Liam Payne has spoken of his bond with bandmate Louis Tomlinson – and how they’re passing it on to their sons.

The singer has revealed that Louis is the member of the group he’s closest to and it sounds like becoming parents at a similar time has strengthened their friendship.

In fact Liam and girlfriend Cheryl’s one-year-old boy Bear is apparently already becoming pals with Louis’ son Freddie, 2, who he shares with former flame Briana Jungwirth.

‘I’ve heard his voice every day for so many years that it’s weird not to hear him for several months now,’ Liam, 24, says of 26-year-old Louis.

‘We call from time to time, and our sons are finally to get to know each other. We became dad around about the same time.’

Awww. Whilst Liam has remained particularly close to Louis, it sounds like he has fond memories of all of his 1D bandmates.

When asked what he misses most about being in the group, the dad-of-one tells BILD: ‘The squabbles with the boys. Every tour was like a comedy show.

‘We took the piss out of each other all the time, we had so much fun backstage. Of course there have been fights as well, we can all be jerks from time to time, but that’s just how it is among brothers.

‘We were really like brothers from different parents – and we love each other.’

Unfortunately that love hasn’t enabled Liam, Louis, Niall Horan, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik to set up their own WhatsApp group.

‘I wish we were that organised,’ Liam explains. ‘We are all busy living our own lives.

‘For the first time we are seen as solo artists and not as one big group and that’s not a bad thing.’

It comes after the singer sent Directioners into meltdown by having a cheeky Twitter chat with Louis earlier this week.

Louis kicked it all off when he tweeted Liam saying: ‘@LiamPayne wake up d***head and give me a ring !’

This prompted a reply from Liam a couple of hours later as he explained why he hadn’t responded to his 1D pal.

‘I’ve been up for hours you kn*b I was running late and I’m just about to reply to your text,’ he wrote.

Meanwhile Liam has continued to talk of how he can see One Direction reuniting for a massive concert one day where they could also perform their solo material.

We seriously can’t get enough of this 1D love-in right now.

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