Mason Gooding Opens Up About ‘Love, Victor’ Season 2 Hopes

Mason Gooding is talking Love, Victor!

The 23-year-old actor spoke out about his experience filming the series and his hopes for Season 2 in an interview with Schon Magazine.

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“Crossing my fingers, toes, and even nose for a season two. The characters have a ton of room to grow as people and I feel as if ending the show now would be premature, to say the least. The shift in platforms as well excites me a great deal; the opportunity to explore more adult themes on the Hulu platform should allow the show to find a broader audience and thus, hopefully, speak to and entertain a larger group of people, which is always the goal with something like this,” he said of whether he was hoping for another season of the show.

Mason also opened up about the experience since the premiere of the hit series.

“Something I’m looking forward to is actually sort of an ongoing affair, was since the release of Love, Victor, I’ve been receiving a lot of messages and DMs regarding the shows themes and the showcase of the LGBTQ+ experience that maybe hasn’t been present in their lives, that is now working to retroactively provide for them some sort of validation and thus, hopefully, offering to them the notion that they are seen, and that their stories matter on a global scale; because at the end of the day, to make people feel seen, heard, and represented, that’s the whole reason I feel I create art.”

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