Michael B. Jordan Confesses That He’s Slid Into Fans’ DMs For Hookups: ‘I’m Human’ — Watch

Michael B. Jordan basically told the world that we have a shot at hooking up with him if we slide into his DMs! Watch his exciting ‘Ellen’ segment here and open up Instagram while you’re at it!

Good news, ladies. Michael B. Jordan‘s DMs are open for business! The Creed II star confessed on the November 20 episode of Ellen that he’s hooked up with fans who hit him up on Instagram! No, really. It’s time to shoot your shot with Killmonger, peeps. The amazing confession came after Ellen Degeneres and Chrissy Teigen, the other guest on the episode, mused about how popular Michael is with the ladies. The audiences screams during this conversation really proved that.

Chrissy asked him, point blank, if he’s “hooked up via direct messages,” and he confirmed. Thank you for doing the lord’s work, Chrissy. “Yes, I have. I have. I’m human. Not often, but I have,” Michael replied, laughing. Ugh, he’s so cute! Chrissy joked that her assistant will now be sliding into his DMs since she knows she has a shot. Us too, girl. Ellen asked Michael while in the world he’s still single, and he explained that he’s just too busy for a relationship. Neither Ellen nor Chrissy bought that.

If the hookup lifestyle doesn’t work out, Michael can always call Nicki Minaj! Nicki gave him a little shoutout at the People’s Choice Awards, and fans went wild. Nicki praised Donatella Versace for her custom-made dress when she was onstage accepting the PCA for Female Artist of 2018, and said, “and shoutout to Michael B. Jordan cause he’s gonna be taking it off of me tonight.” Whoa! Nicki later told E! News that “I was watching Black Panther last night, so he was just…happened to be fresh in my mind.”

Michael, as a source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, was all about it. “Michael was flattered and turned on by Nicki’s direct flirtation during her award show appearance. Michael loves Nicki’s music and he finds her talent and success very sexy.” Make. It. Happen. Ellen.

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