Michelle Keegan admitted her and Mark Wright stole THIS at the Oscars!

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan‘s lives have drastically changed since their days on TOWIE and Coronation Street.

But, despite their seriously glam lives right now, it seems as though the couple are just as normal as the rest of us.

In fact, Michelle revealed exactly what the couple did when they attended the Oscars in LA in March.


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‘We were pinching ourselves,’ Mich confessed. ‘We were nicking the napkins, putting them in our bags. And there was a free bar, so my dad was enjoying that. We had such a great time.’

Well, we guess you never know who could’ve used the napkins!

With the couple currently splitting their time between the US and the UK, Mich opened up about what exactly she and her hubby get up to when they do have some alone time in the States.

‘We mix it up. Sometimes we just chill out, put our PJs on, get a takeaway. Or we go on a date-night – we go for a meal, to the cinema. We just do normal things really,’ she revealed on ITV’s Lorraine.

The Our Girl actress even opened up about some of her fitness secrets and admitted that LA’s sunny and healthy lifestyle helps her stay in shape.

‘I love the healthy lifestyle out there, it forces me to get to the gym, even though I don’t want to. I like it, but I like coming home. I go to the gym purely to de-stress,’ Michelle continued.

‘I’m not the type of person who goes to the gym and goes, ‘Oh, I love the gym’. No I don’t, I hate it. But the feeling afterwards…you feel great.’

But, it seems like a couple who work out together aren’t always the perfect fit as Michelle went on to reveal that Mark once walked out of an exercise class that they attended.

‘Don’t get me wrong, we go to the gym sometimes together, but I will do my thing and he will do his thing. I took him into a yoga class when I was in LA once – he walked out halfway through. He didn’t like it, not for him at all.’

Looks like these two have got the balance just right!

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