Mick Jagger is Dancing His Ass Off One Month After Heart Surgery

It’s safe to say Mick Jagger‘s ticker’s back in tip-top shape, because he’s busting out all sorts of moves in the dance studio … and it’s impressive!!!

The 75-year-old Rolling Stones frontman is back in a studio practicing dance routines. In this video, he’s grooving and singing along to “Techno Fan” by a much newer English rock band, The Wombats … and it’s clear the young whippersnappers could learn a thing or two by watching Mick.

Dude’s still got crazy stage presence.

Jagger’s spry dance session is pretty incredible considering he had a stent put in his heart just over a month ago, which forced the Stones to postpone their scheduled tour dates this year.

Even his 19-year-old son, Lucas, commented, “Oh woah,” on the vid.

You said it, kid.

BTW, if you wanna rock out like Mick to the same song … here it is. Good luck!

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