Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. weigh-in for their exhibition bout

Mike Tyson hints at fireworks in the ring as he and fellow boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. weigh-in for exhibition bout: ‘If I’m going to run I’m going to run right at him’

Don’t let their ages and the description of their bout as an exhibition deceive you: Mike Tyson, 54, and Roy Jones Jr., 51, are ready to rumble.

The weigh-in for Saturday’s much-anticipated match at Staples Center in Los Angeles was held on Friday, and both boxing legends looked fit and ready to get it on. 

Billed as an eight-round exhibition, the former champions have more than insinuated that they will be heading into the the ring to win.  

Ready to rumble! Mike Tyson, 54, and Roy Jones Jr., 51, weighed-in for Saturday’s bout at Staples Center in Los Angeles that’s been billed as an eight-round exhibition

Tyson, who reigned in the heavyweight division in the 1980s and part of the 90s, weighed in at 220.4 pounds, while Jones, a former four-division champion in 1990s and early 2000s, tipped the scales at 210 pounds. 

That was followed by the traditional face-off that wasn’t so traditional due to the plexiglass that separated the fighters due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Moments later, both men sounded supremely confident they will leave the ring on Saturday victorious.

‘I’m coming right at him. He doesn’t have to worry about me, if I’m going to run I’m going to run right at him,’ Iron Mike declared during a quick interview.

‘They say my whole boxing career was a mistake, and I love it. They said I did everything wrong but it worked out right,’ Jones said in reference to his unorthodox style that leaned heavily on his incredible athleticism. 

‘So I can’t tell you how to do it. It’s going probably going to look wrong, so I know if I try to tell it to you it’s going to sound wrong but it’s going to turn out right.’

Stare down: The legendary boxers faced-off between plexiglass amid as a precaution due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

Iron Mike tipped the scales at 220.4 lbs, which isn’t much higher than when he reigned as undisputed champion of the world from 1987 to 1990

Ring rust? The Brooklyn, New York native last fought in 2005

While the boxers had similar triumphs and accolades during their careers, their roads to superstardom were far different.  

Once dubbed the Baddest Man On The Planet, Tyson pummeled the competition with his incredible power and intimidation en route to becoming undisputed heavyweight champion (200 lbs. and above) from 1987 to 1990.

But the Brooklyn, New York native had seemingly lost the lust for fighting even before he stepped into the ring for his last bout in 2005.

Jones, a former four-division champion, initially made his mark as a middleweight and pound-for-pound king (160 lbs.) before becoming the first middleweight champion to win a heavyweight title in 106 years in 2003.

He would fight into his late 40s against lesser opponents, but as a result he will have far less ring rust than Tyson, considering he last fought in February 2018.

Promise of fireworks: ‘I’m coming right at him. He doesn’t have to worry about me, if I’m going to run I’m going to run right at him,’ Iron Mike declared during a quick interview

Inspired: Tyson looked fit and ready dressed in all-black during the weigh-in festivities

He’s Iron for a reason: Tyson was once dubbed The Baddest Man On The Planet during his heyday when he was knocking nearly every one of his opponents in the 1980s

The undercard will also feature 23-year-old YouTube star Jake Paul, in his second professional fight. He’s going up against 10-year NBA veteran Nate Robinson, who’s making his professional boxing debut at the age of 36.

Dressed like Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball Z, Paul weighed 189 lbs. while Robinson came in at 181 lbs.

‘Nate’s kids, if you’re watching, please don’t watch the fight, I don’t want to embarrass your dad in front of you,’ Paul said while hyping the fight after their face-off. 

‘Please Nate’s kids don’t watch the fight, it’s going to be bad and it’s going to be bloody.’ 

It comes as Paul faced some controversy over referring to COVID-19 as a ‘hoax’ in an interview with the Daily Beast. 

Although journalist Marlow Stern took to Twitter with audio from the interview, Paul attempted to backtrack, telling The Verge: ‘So this guy, this reporter, he misquoted me. He took what I said out of context, and I told him that. I told him that the whole entire time.

‘COVID is very, very real. COVID is very real, like, it’s killed so many people. It’s killed people I know. It’s killed someone very, very close to me. So that’s what I’m saying. I don’t even know where that came from.’ 

The Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. bout, which some proceeds will go to charity, will be available on-demand on Saturday, November 28, for $49.99. 

Cross-over match: in his second pro fight, YouTube star Jake Paul, 23, is taking on 10-year NBA veteran Nate Robinson, who’s making his pro debut at the age of 36

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