Mobb Deep’s Havoc Calls Ex-Manager’s Lawsuit ‘Sick’

Mobb Deep rapper Havoc has slammed management firm chiefs for suing him and his late bandmate Prodigy over unpaid expenses. Bosses at Buck 50 Productions claim they oversaw the careers of members Prodigy and Havoc from 2010 until the former’s death at the age of 42 last year (2017), and that they are owed $500,000 for tour booking costs, as well as payment for recording and endorsement deals they arranged.

Mobb Deep’s surviving member called the executive responsible a “sicko” for trying to take money from Prodigy’s widow Kiki Johnson and their two children. “What kind of sicko sues his artist after he dies knowing that that man got kids?” he told “How his kids gonna eat? He taking food out his kids mouth. That’s some punk s**t.”

Havoc, real name Kejuan Muchita, also claimed that 50 Buck Productions staff never managed him personally and that he was prepared to go to court to protect his old pal’s family from any repercussions. “I’ve been been in touch with the family and I let them know I’m gonna hold them down,” he explained. “He never was my manager – all my paper work is in order.”

The “Hey Luv (Anything)” rapper also said he was considering countersuing the firm for filing a “frivolous” lawsuit as he had been forced to hire lawyers to deal with their legal complaint.

Prodigy, real name Albert Johnson, passed away in June, just days after he was hospitalized following a concert in Las Vegas for complications linked to his life-long sickle cell anaemia battle. He was found unconscious at his home hours after choking while eating an egg.

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