Naya Rivera 'could have been incapacitated before drowning'

Naya Rivera ‘could have been incapicated’ before drowning, Police have revealed, as the Glee star is presumed dead.

The actress went missing on Wednesday after a boating trip with her four-year-old son Josey at Lake Piru in California, with a search and recovery operation underway.

Ventura County Sheriff’s Office senior deputy Miguel Gonzalez has said police are not ruling out Naya hitting her head before drowning.

He said: ‘Unfortunately, until the body is recovered we definitely won’t know what actually happened with her, whether it be something medically or if she did have any trauma prior to going down beneath the water.’

Gonzalez added to PA News: ‘And until we recover the body we probably won’t find the answers to those questions.

‘As with any investigation, the coroner will examine those theories and examine toxicology and all the other exams they do to determine exactly the cause of death.’

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