Patrick Schwarzenegger defends Chris Pratt in 'worst Chris' debate

Patrick Schwarzenegger defends brother-in-law Chris Pratt following online attacks that dubbed him ‘Hollywood’s worst Chris’ over his conservative politics and Christian faith

Patrick Schwarzenegger has come to the defense of his brother-in-law Chris Pratt. 

The burgeoning actor weighed-in on a Twitter controversy after a viral meme last month asked who is ‘the best Hollywood Chris’, which many online users found Pratt to be ‘the worst Chris in Hollywood’.    

‘It’s crazy. Twitter is a junkyard, right? I mean, every day there’s something. People are calling out this person or that person, or let’s get mad at this person,’ the Echo Boomers star, 27, said in an interview with Variety.

He’s got his back: Patrick Schwarzenegger came to the defense of Chris Pratt after his brother-in-law was called ‘the worst Chris in Hollywood’ in online debate

The actor, who’s the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, chalked up the debate and label to the darker side of humans.

‘People are so focused on putting other people down to make themselves feel better. It’s sad, honestly,’ Schwarzenegger added before turning his attention to Pratt’s reaction.

‘Chris is pretty strong-boned. I don’t think anything really hits him deep down. I messaged him, and just mostly was like, “I hope you’re not taking this seriously.” I don’t really know what else to say.’

Along with Pratt, the Hollywood Chris debate also included the likes of fellow leading men Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans and Chris Pine.

Pratt came under fire from critics who branded him ‘Hollywood’s worst Chris’ for his lack of political involvement, perceived view he’s a Donald Trump supporter, and his involvement with a conservative church that has been criticized for being anti-LGBTQ in the past

Sticks and stones: The actor said ‘Chris is pretty strong-boned. I don’t think anything really hits him deep down,’ while referencing the online slam of Pratt to Variety

Much of the negative talk about The Jurassic World star focused on his lack of political involvement about current events, given his stature in Hollywood, and the theory that he’s a President Donald Trump supporter, in part, because of his association with a conservative Christian church that has been criticized for being anti-LGBTQ in the past.  

Schwarzenegger continued, ‘I think he can learn a thing or two from my dad or my mom. My dad was always adamant about not letting anybody else’s opinions mess with his drive or where he wanted to go,.’

‘No matter what you’re doing in life, there’s are always going be people hating on you and wanting you to fail.’

The sometimes negative impact of social media on users also came into the equation.

Standing for her man: Katherine Schwarzenegger slammed the online attacks on her husband 

‘People are hating on people, no matter what. There’s always two ways to focus on anything in life: the positive and the negative. People that focus on the negative, it shows more about them as a person,’ the actor and model explained. 

Patrick’s sister, author Katherine Schwarzenegger, slammed the online attacks on her husband, which included calling E! News’s decision to address the controversy on its Instagram page wrong and mean-spirited.  

‘Is this really what we need? There’s so much going on in the world and people are struggling in so many ways,’ Katherine, who only welcomed daughter Lyla with Pratt this past August, said on social media. 

‘Being mean is so yesterday. There’s enough room to love all these guys. Love is what we all need not meanness and bullying. Let’s try that.’        

Robert Downey Jr., Zoe Saldana, Mark Ruffalo and Josh Brolin were among the stars who spoke out in support of Pratt.

We got you: Robert Downey Jr., Zoe Saldana, Mark Ruffalo and Josh Brolin were among the stars who spoke out in support of Pratt following the online slam

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