Piers Morgan on crutches after tearing tendon on second day of holiday

Piers Morgan has had a difficult start to his holiday after getting injured on the second day.

The newsreader tore a tendon in his right leg and now has to use crutches to get around.

Piers, who is soaking up the sun in St Tropez with his sons, shared his unfortunate incident on Instagram, and you can’t help but feel for the man.

Along with a photo of him and his boys, he added the caption: ‘Peg-leg. (nothing like tearing a tendon on Day 2 of a 6-week holiday).’

Wonder how he’s going to manage for the remainder of his time off? Hopefully he wasn’t planning on going surfing.

The 55-year-old is taking a well-earned break from his morning telly duties on Good Morning Britain and made up for lost time with sons Spencer, 26, Stanley, 22, and Albert, 19.

His trip got off to a great start as he went for a swanky lunch with Spencer and Stanley, with none other than Joan Collins also tagging along.

The group chowed down together at Club 55, enjoying a very nice bottle of wine. Piers shared that it was the first time he had lunch with his sons in 120 days.

Piers recently announced he was taking a two-month holiday away from the small screen, alongside co-presenter Susanna Reid.

The pair have been on air throughout the pandemic, but – like every year – will not be back in the studio until September.

He should enjoy his break, as when he returns he will no doubt be hitting the promo trail for his new book Wake Up.

It seems as though fans have been crying out for Piers’ book, as Wake Up is currently flying up the best-selling charts.

Sharing a photo of the Amazon charts, he tweeted: ‘Well this is a nice way to start the day… the UK’s best-selling political book & it’s not even published until Oct 15.

‘Thanks to everyone who’s already pre-ordered. The link is in my bio if you’d like to do so too. #WakeUp.’

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