Prince Andrew cancelled his summer trip to Spain, won’t leave the UK for the time being

When push comes to shove, of course the British government would never send Prince Andrew to America to be prosecuted for his crimes. No matter what Ghislaine Maxwell says and whomever she names, Prince Andrew will not have to answer any charges in an American court. It just won’t happen. The scandal will be this: if Ghislaine names Andrew and describes his crimes, Andrew will be unable to leave Great Britain ever again, out of a fear that the American authorities would swoop in and grab him, or that he would be extradited or prosecuted by another government. And so Andrew is getting used to the new reality right away: he’s cancelled his annual summer trip to Spain.

Prince Andrew has canceled his annual golfing trip to Spain because he’s “nervous” about leaving the UK during an investigation by US authorities into his ties to Jeffrey Epstein, according to a report. Last year, the Duke of York stayed at a pal’s mansion in Costa del Sol just days after the convicted pedophile committed suicide at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan, the Sun reported.

A palace insider told the outlet that the royal pulled the plug on this year’s trip because he’s “worried” of traveling abroad after the Justice Department issued an official request to interview him about Epstein. Adding to Andrew’s anxiety was last week’s arrest of the late financier’s alleged procuress Ghislaine Maxwell on charges that include alleged sex crimes in her London townhouse — where the prince has separately been accused by an Epstein “sex slave” of sleeping with her when she was 17, the Mirror reported.

The palace insider told the Mirror it’s “unlikely” Andrew will leave the UK in the foreseeable future and will “never travel to the US again.”

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That whole Page Six description of Andrew’s criminal behavior is disgusting. It’s not sex, it’s rape. Virginia wasn’t a sex slave, she was a teenage human trafficking victim. Humanize victims. As for Andrew… yeah, as I said. If Maxwell names him and the FBI presses the issue on the “he’s a person of interest being sought for an FBI interview” thing, Andrew will never be able to leave the UK again. LOL.

Also, federal prosecutors are asking for a bail hearing for Maxwell this Friday. Which seems completely fair? That timeline makes sense and geez, I sure hope she lives to make it to court on Friday.

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