Princess Charlotte Will Keep Her Spot In The Line Of Succession Despite Her Baby Brother's Birth

Score one for the ladies: Princess Charlotte is the first female heir to the British throne who will maintain her spot in the line of succession despite having a little brother.

Thanks to U.K. legislation that went into effect in 2015, male and female heirs now have equal right to the throne, which means two-year-old Charlotte will not come second to the newborn. Her older brother, four-year-old Prince George, is currently third in line to the throne while Charlotte is fourth. Their father, Prince William, is second while Prince Charles is second after Queen Elizabeth II. William’s brother, Prince Harry, is now sixth.

Royal commentator, Victoria Arbiter, was one of the first to bring attention to the exciting precedent after Prince William and Kate Middleton announced the birth of their third child.

“It’s a BOY – 8lbs 7oz,” Arbiter wrote on Twitter. “Princess Charlotte makes history as the first royal girl to not have her position in line usurped by a younger born brother.”

In other words, Charlotte could be considered the second most powerful female in England.

Wondering why it took until 2015 to fix a blatantly sexist rule? You’re not alone.

But that’s neither here nor there, because this little one is officially a feminist icon.

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