Sehun Surprises EXO-CBX by Disguising as Fan at Signing Event

The ‘Busted!’ star makes Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin burst into laughter when he pays a surprise visit at their fan signing event.

Sehun has shown his support for EXO-CBX who is currently promoting their new album “Blooming Days”. The youngest member of South Korean boyband EXO surprised his groupmates Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin by showing up at their fan signing event on Sunday, April 22 at Goyang, Gyeonggi-do.

Going low key in an all-black outfit, the 24-year-old idol lined up like a regular fan to get a signature. When he finally stood in front of Chen, the latter couldn’t help bursting into laughter as he realized it wasn’t a regular fan who came to the signing event.

Sehun had a quick chat with Chen before he moved to Xiumin’s table. Xiumin greeted his groupmate with a hug. Xiumin and a manager teased Sehun, jokingly asking him to move aside while he waited for his turn to get Baekhyun’s sign. Sehun quickly left from the backstage after he got Baekhyun’s sign.

“Sehun came here to support us but he left quickly because he didn’t have makeup on,” Baekhyun told the crowd after Sehun left. “He said he didn’t know there would be so many fans here. … He was so shy that’s why he ran away and left.”

The “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” star added, “He [Sehun] said sorry because he couldn’t greet you. But he’s still pretty (even without makeup), isn’t he?”

Other members of EXO have also shown their support for EXO-CBX in various ways. Lay, who has been promoting solo in China, recently made a visit to the set of SBS’s “Inkigayo” where the sub-unit group was participating in a pre-broadcast filming.

After the filming, Lay reportedly went on stage to greet their fans. The EXO-CBX members then said, “Since Lay and CBX are all a part of EXO, we hope that all the fans will support us. Please give love and cheer on all the EXO members.”

Chanyeol also visited EXO-CBX during one of their recordings for music programs. He took to Instagram to share a video of him bringing snacks for his friends. He took a group selfie with his groupmates and captioned it, “This is loyalty.”

이거슨 의리✌

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Suho made a surprise visit during EXO-CBS’s filming for MBC’s “Music Core”.

#리더 수호 의 깜짝 방문으로 더 기운 넘치게 생방송을 준비하고 있는 EXO-CBX! #백현 #첸 #수호 #시우민 이 함께한 훈훈한 모습 ? 여러분께 공개합니다! ?? _ ?하나 더~ #오늘 #쇼음악중심 1위 후보곡에 오른 EXO-CBX ‘#花요일 (#BloomingDay)’ ? 생방송 문자투표 #0505 진행되니까 여러분 응원 부탁 드릴게요!? _ #EXO #SUHO #EXO_CBX #CHEN #BAEKHYUN #XIUMIN #BloomingDays #花요일 #BloomingDay

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Meanwhile, D.O. showed his support for his members by showing up on the set of their music video filming. He also teased Xiumin while doing a Micing Interview segment.

Thanking them for their support, Baekhyun said at the fan signing event, “Lay hyung came earlier, now Sehun, Suho hyung and Chanyeol too before. Other members also want to come (to support) but they couldn’t because of their schedule. It makes me think to come to their filming site (in return.)”

He added, “We have to go to China to meet Lay hyung.” Xiumin continued, “Come to D.O., Kai, Suho filming site.” Baekhyun then joked, “For Chanyeol we can just go to the dorm or meet him in game world.”

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