System Of A Down’s John Dolmayan Continues Defense Of Trump After Election

System of A Down drummer John Dolmayan has gone on the record to defend President Donald Trump after Democratic candidate Joe Biden was projected as the 46th President.

“This president has been under attack for nearly five years by all media both social and otherwise along with massive corporations and the lifelong politicians who have been actively attacking him since he decided to run,” Dolmayan wrote alongside a black-and-white picture of Trump that was posted to Instagram.

He went on to claim that after Biden is inaugurated as the next President, the “protests will disappear and there will be a quick end to the pandemic” and urged his fans to not “fall for it.”

“You will probably never see another non politician run for this office again ,that is our loss,” Dolmayan continued, before stating that the election is not yet over.

The artist has long defended and upheld President Donald Trump.

(Photo: Maron Ibrahim)

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