The Crown's Gillian Anderson grins as has Margaret Thatcher wig fitted

The Crown’s Gillian Anderson flashes a grin as she has a blonde wig fitted to transform into Margaret Thatcher in candid behind-the-scenes snaps

She prepared for her role as the politician by working with two vocal coaches to nail down the perfect tone.

And Gillian Anderson has now shared a series of candid snaps of her transforming into Margaret Thatcher, while filming series four of the The Crown.

The actress, 52, was seen beaming a smile at the camera, as she sat in hair and makeup and had one of her impressive blonde wigs fitted.

Getting ready: Gillian Anderson appeared to be in great spirits as she beamed a grin while having one of her blonde wigs fitted to transform into Margaret Thatcher on The Crown

Gillian appeared to be in great spirits during the all important prep, with the star opting for a casual all-black ensemble as she had her hair done.

In one of the pictures she flashed a huge grin and showed off her natural blonde locks still peaking out of the bouffant style wig.

While another image revealed a side view of the eerily accurate looking hair piece and showed just how well the wig and Gillian’s locks colour matched.

In character: The star, 52, was seen in the hair and makeup chair during the intricate process and still had some of her natural locks poking out the bottom of the hair piece

As well as this blonde wig, Gillian also had several more including a slightly darker piece to don during other scenes in the show. 

It comes after Gillian revealed she received help from two vocal coaches and rehearsed in ‘dark and abandoned rooms’ to channel the late politician, who led the country from 1979 until 1990.

The media personality admitted getting into costume also helped her play the stateswoman as she said: ‘Never in my life would I wear the shoes she wore. But walking in the way I learned to walk as her, and in those shoes, just helped so much.

So much choice! Other wigs depicting some of the politician’s well known hairstyles were also seen in the room 

Up close and personal: The wig was perfectly positioned in a selfie Gillian posted to Instagram

Impressive: Wig Three showcased Thatcher’s bouffant hair style

Gillian, who also sported a fat suit and ‘really uncomfortable nylon stockings’ on set, insisted she ‘let go’ of her ‘preconceived ideas of Margaret’ and  had picked up on the politician’s mannerisms by watching old videos of her.

On feeling distant from her distinctive voice, she told The Sun: ‘It’s quite easy to parody her voice, which makes it hard to identify with. It was about trying to find the balance, but at the same time understanding who she was and how she operated.’ 

In order to fully transform into Margaret, Gillian explained how she would practise her role alone – in a place she refers to as ‘elsewhere’. 

All in the prep: As well as the wigs themselves, dozens of pictures of how they should look were pinned to the walls

Character: Gillian has won acclaim for her portrayal of Thatcher in series four of the hit show (pictured the inside of one of the wigs)

Keeping it perfect: The wigs were seen on stands while not being used for filming

The mother-of-three elaborated: ‘When we were doing The Crown, I’d get a chair and put it in some dark, dusty corner or an abandoned room. I always referred to it as ”elsewhere”, and if the director wanted me, they’d have to come to my elsewhere. I’m quite fond of an ”elsewhere”.’ 

The Sex Education star revealed it took months to research the Iron Lady, and sat in the hair and make-up chair for an hour and a half at a time. 

Earlier this month, she spoke to Harper’s Bazaar as she insisted she had ‘very clear boundaries’ with her partner and show creator Peter Morgan, 57, when they worked together on The Crown.  

Teamwork: Gillian also shared a short clip of her wigs being held up by The Crown’s crew

‘Never in my life would I wear the shoes she wore’: The screen star (L) recently reflected on portraying ‘divisive’ former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (R in 1979) in series four

Gillian told the publication: ‘For our own sanity, and actually for the benefit of the relationship, we had very clear boundaries. 

‘I am not going to comment on the script, but you are not allowed to comment on the performance!’ 

The fourth season of The Crown, with Olivia Colman returning in the lead role of Elizabeth II, premiered on Netflix on Sunday. The new series covers the period of Margaret’s reign and her relationship with the Monarch.

Baroness Thatcher passed away in April 2013 after suffering a stroke aged 87.

Wow! The TV and film star received help from two vocal coaches and rehearsed in ‘dark and abandoned rooms’ to channel the late politician, who led the country from 1979 until 1990

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