Twitter Comes For Lil Nas X — Is The ‘Old Town Road’ Rapper Canceled ALREADY?!

Say it ain’t so, Lil Nas X!

Over the weekend, #LilNasXIsOverParty trended on Twitter after old tweets belonging to a suspicious account allegedly linked to the rapper resurfaced… even though he’s denying ever being a part of the offending handle in question.

Basically, it all started when Lil Nas X was accused on the social media network of being behind the formerly popular Nicki Minaj stan account @NasMaraj. The account in question had previously posted some offensive tweets — including several that Twitter users saw as being particularly Islamophobic.

The rising rap star has denied he was ever behind the account, or had any link to it in any way, but that didn’t stop the hordes of Twitter users who came after him HARD over the weekend with screenshots of old tweets, and more. Eventually, the campaign became so strong that #LilNasXisOverParty trended across Twitter. Yikes!!!

As you can see (below), a significant part of the chatter about the Old Town Road rapper’s alleged former account is over whether @NasMaraj even was really Lil Nas X’s former account — but there are nevertheless resurfaced old Islamophobic tweets in there, as well:

So much to take in…

And more (below):

Critics even went after the fact that @NasMaraj previously criticized Cardi B… only for Lil Nas X to turn around and do a new single with Cardi (below):


This one sums it up pretty nicely (below):

Though it may have trended via social media, the criticism didn’t really stick — or not yet, at least.

Maybe that’s partially because the rapper logged online himself and joined the cancellation party, too! No, seriously — ch-ch-check out these tweets (below)!!!

And add a good bit of self-promotion (below):


Tough to cancel somebody when he’s already trying to cancel himself, tongue-in-cheek or not! He essentially turned the tables on the Barbs and played into the game to lessen the blow… kinda smart to take it there, right?!

What do U think about all this social media drama, Perezcious readers?!

We live in an era of cancellation — but has it gone too far, in cases like this?? Or are Twitter users right, and if Lil Nas X really is/was @NasMaraj, he SHOULD be canceled for some of those disgusting old tweets?!?!

Sound OFF about all of this in the comment section (below)!!!

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