Victoria Justice Releases ‘Treat Myself’ Music Video, Talks Concept Behind It – Watch Now!

Victoria Justice has released her brand new music video for her latest song “Treat Myself“!

The 27-year-old dropped the visual for her song just a few days after debuting the track, and she opened up about the song and the video in a Twitter Q&A.

“I always saw this video as me being with myself. And I always wanted there to be an underwater element. I loved the idea of not being able to escape the other “me” that represents the more negative thoughts in my head,” she wrote.

“Being vulnerable is always a little scary. But I knew that this was the time to share this message. I felt like it could help people & it felt very true to me. And that’s what music’s about. Being real & honest & hoping that someone connects,” Victoria added about the song.

We can’t wait for more new music from Victoria!

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