Video and Pics Show a Healthy-Looking and Very Curvy Post-Rehab Selena Gomez Hiking

For the second day in a row, Selena Gomez made a post-rehab public appearance yesterday when she was spotted looking very healthy — and very curvy — during a hike on a trail reportedly near Malibu, California not far from her Southern California home. In video and pics, Selena could be seen exiting a mountain trail accompanied by friends and what appears to be a bodyguard.

For her hike, Selena was wearing a coordinated outfit of tight, navy-blue Puma leggings and a form-fitting white sports mini-top with spaghetti straps that exposed her midriff. Selena looked healthy and fit with flat abs in the ensemble, which also showed off the more ample parts of her figure.

In the pics, some fans felt that Selena looked as if her face was fuller than in pictures taken prior to her rehab. However, it was hard to tell for sure from the available images.

You can check out video and pics from Selena’s hike below.

(Image source: Selena Gomez Source Twitter account)

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