Wayne Rooney fears Coleen Rooney's legal battle has 'gone too far'

Wayne Rooney ‘fears embarrassment in Coleen Rooney’s legal battle against Rebekah Vardy amid claims he feels the case has gone too far’

Wayne Rooney reportedly fears the legal battle his wife Coleen is embroiled in with Rebekah Vardy for allegedly leaking false information to the press has ‘gone too far’.

The Rooney family are apparently feeling stressed this week at the possibility that their personal life could be exposed in open court.

If the case reaches court, Coleen is set to try and prove that Rebekah’s Instagram account was responsible for leaking several stories about her last year.

Trouble on the horizon: Wayne Rooney is reportedly concerned over his wife Coleen’s legal battle against Rebekah Vardy for allegedly leaking stories about her to the press last year

Friends say the former England football captain, 34, has hoped it would not get to his stage but he is willing to back his wife, also 34, in her quest to prove her claims and be vindicated.  

A source said to The Sun: ‘Wayne thinks it’s gone too far already and dreads the thought of it reaching court.   

‘He fears it could be embarrassing to him and their family what may come out. But he knows how important this is to Coleen and will back her.’

Battleground: The former England football captain, 34, fears ’embarrassing’ legal battle against Rebekah (pictured) that could expose details about their private life in open court

Another source said: ‘Coleen is becoming obsessed with it.’ 

MailOnline has contacted Coleen and Wayne Rooney’s representatives for comment. 

The women have been at loggerheads ever since Coleen publicly accused Rebekah of using her Instagram account to leak private stories to the media last year, something she denies.

In the latest turn of events, Rooney’s wife called Rebekah ‘disappointing’ for her decision to push forward with court proceedings.

Eyes on the target: Coleen is reportedly ‘obsessed’ with the ongoing battle and will spare no expense in court to prove her claims and be vindicated against her former pal

Rebekah, who strenuously denies the accusations, has filed papers to take her nemesis to the High Court for defamation.

According to the court listing issued last month, the I’m A Celeb star is being represented by Kingsley Napley in London, and will have to fork out £500,000 to sue her former pal.

Earlier this year, the pair communicated via video meeting in a last-ditch attempt to spare the expensive court fees and solve their differences, but their efforts were futile as they failed to mend any bridges.

WAGS at war: Despite refusing to back down, Rooney’s wife called Rebekah ‘disappointing’ for her decision to push forward with court proceedings at the High Court for defamation

Coleen’s lawyer, Paul Lunt of Brabners, said in a statement: ‘It is disappointing that Mrs Vardy has chosen to issue court proceedings.

‘Coleen feels that the time and money involved could be put to better use; her offer to meet face to face still stands.

‘Mrs Vardy’s decision to issue court proceedings does at least mean that Coleen’s evidence can be made public when the time is right.’

The WAGS at war were once good friends until Coleen released some shocking accusations on social media last year.

United front: According to sources, Wayne is willing to support his wife despite the growing concern as ‘he knows how important this is to Coleen and will back her’

Failed attempt: Earlier this year, the WAG rivals attempted to avoid court fees and resolve their differences in a video meeting, but their efforts were futile and they failed to make up.

She claimed that she posted fake stories about basement flooding, returning to TV and baby gender selection to her Instagram story which only Becky could see.  

The stories were then leaked to the press, leading Coleen to believe that her former friend was the culprit delivering the information.

Rebekah, who denies all allegations and was pregnant at the time, cut her family holiday to Dubai short after the dramatic accusation, which captured Britain in the so-called ‘war of the WAGs’ and earned Coleen the nickname of ‘Wagatha Christie’.

Vardy’s wife has made it clear she is determined to clear her name and won’t back down until her rival delivers an apology.

All lies: Becky dubbed her arch-nemesis ‘Wagatha Christie’ and denies all accusations and will not back down until she receives an apology and clears her name

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