YG arrested after home raid, booked for robbery

Rapper YG has been placed under arrest following a police search of his San Fernando Valley home.

L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the “Go Loko” artist’s residence around 4 a.m, Friday morning armed with a search warrant, TMZ reported. Both the search warrant and an arrest warrant were related to a robbery case.

After inspecting the home, cops now have the Compton, Calif., native, 29, in custody. He’s currently being transported to a jail where he will be booked for robbery, TMZ confirmed.

In July 2019, YG was found to be the owner of an SUV  involved in a deadly shootout with authorities in Los Angeles.

He denied knowing how his Cadillac Escalade came to be involved, telling TMZ at the time, “I was nowhere near the scene of this incident and had been in a recording studio all day in Hollywood,” he said. “I was there until after midnight on the Fourth of July and didn’t learn of these events until after they happened.”

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