5 INSANE Ways Commoner Lives Change When They Become Totals

Meghan Markle will officially become part of the royal family this year, and her life has changed in many ways since she and Prince Harry got engaged. Markle has given up her acting career, moved to England and had to leave behind one of her beloved rescue dogs.

Those are just a couple of examples of how life has changed for Markle. When she and Prince Harry get married in May, her life will change ever more and not just in ways that the public eye can see. Check out these five insane ways that a commoner’s life changes when he or she becomes part of the royal family.

No Politics Allowed

When a commoner becomes a member of the royal family, they are not allowed to express their political views in public. They can’t be active in politics at all, no being part of a specific campaign, running for political office, or even endorsing a specific candidate. Plus, the commoner does not vote in any elections. Markle, for example, will no longer be allowed to vote in any of the United States elections. This rule does not apply to only the elections of the country that a commoner is from but also the country that the royal family presides over.

Family Rank Decides All

In a royal family, rank decides everything. Where a royal sits at a table, stands during public family appearances or walks during a public outing is all decided by the rank that person has in the family. When a commoner becomes part of the royal family, his or her position during public appearances is decided on by their spouses rank in the family. If you notice in most royal photos or public appearances, all family members stand in the exact same place each time. There is a protocol for each member of the royal family that is solely based on the family members place in line for the throne.

No Selfies No Autographs

Members of the royal family do not participate in social media, selfies of any kind or signing autographs. Although there are rumors that some royals have private accounts, royals do not have public social media accounts. They are also not allowed to sign autographs, which is a precaution against forgery. The no selfie rule is because it takes away from eye contact with the person that the royal family member is speaking with. Plus it is considered a very disrespectful action. These rules are also in place for security purposes.

One Black Outfit Required When Traveling

When traveling, a member of the royal family must have one all black outfit with him or her in case there is a funeral. Yes, it sounds very morbid and it is. However, it is an official requirement for both men and women in the royal family. The reason for this requirement is that if there is a sudden death in the royal family, the traveling member will be dressed appropriately upon return. Since the member will have the appropriate public attire, he or she can be seen in public. It also shows that the bereaved is in mourning.

Monopoly Is Forbidden

Playing the game of monopoly is strictly forbidden by anyone in the royal family. It is not even allowed in any of the royal family homes. The Queen has a strict rule about it and the reason is one that many can understand. Monopoly is very competitive and apparently, the royals get way too vicious when it comes to the famed board game. Therefore, all have been banned from playing the game. Monopoly is surely a competitive game but can it really be so bad that the game has to be banned. This is definitely one of craziest royal rules.

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