All of Amazon's Best & Most Terrifying Halloween Décor

This Halloween, leave the basic orange and black streamers, the boring jack-o’-lanterns and the rest of your cutesy decorations in the bin labeled “Halloween” tucked into the far corner of your garage. Because this year, it’s time to up the ante — and the scares — with some seriously scary Halloween décor.

Maybe I’ve watched too many James Wan films, but I, personally, have haunted dolls and jump-scares on the brain. And thanks to Amazon, you can pull off your very own horror film full of nightmare-inducing monsters roaming through a maze straight from hell.

Sorry, I’ll pull it back. Can you tell I love Halloween?

And I’ll be honest with you: This Ari Aster fan (you know, the director behind mind-bending horror films Hereditary and Midsommar) freaked out a little bit scrolling through Amazon curating this list — particularly when I stumbled upon one, specific item that you’ll find at the very end of this gallery.

So, get your mind right — and your credit card at the ready — for this list of the best and most terrifying Halloween décor on Amazon.

Happy hauntings, ghouls and gals.

‘It’ mask

Just in time for the sequel…

LiuzilaiST clown mask, $19.69 at Amazon

Animated clown

For when just a mask won’t do.

Twitching animated clown, $169.99 at Amazon

‘Help’ curtain

Showers will never be the same.

Bloody ‘help’ curtain, $18.99 at Amazon

Hanging ghost

At nearly 14-feet, this is one scary ghost hanging decoration.

Ghost hanging decoration, $12.99 at Amazon

Fireplace spiderweb

Warm up by the spooky fire.

Black lace fireplace spiderweb, $7.99 at Amazon

Severed hands

Those are some long severed fingers. 

Severed hands and fingers, $12.99 at Amazon

Black web

If the spiderweb was child’s play, this creepy close decoration should do the trick.

Unomor black creepy cloth, $13.99 at Amazon

Cocoon corpse

A 72-inch hanging corpse with LED skull eyes? We’ll take two.

MAOYUE cocoon corpse, $27.99 at Amazon

Dead body prop

This 5-foot dead body prop is pretty gross… and perfect for Halloween.

Dead body prop, $19.95 at Amazon

Zombie hands window/door cover

Ah, the classic zombie-hands-on-the-windows Halloween decor.

Zombie hands window/door cover, $9.95 at Amazon

Bloody weapons garland

For those who want more of a Texas Chainsaw Massacre feel.

Bloody weapons garland, $10.99 at Amazon

Bloody body in a bag

Amazon user Brett Whitmarsh put this prop to good use: “Dropped a small Bluetooth speaker in the bag and used a “muffled” sounded effect. Next year I’ll add some sort of movement inside the bag,” he wrote in his review. Genius.

Bloody body in a 72-inch bag, $17.50 at Amazon

Motion-activated haunted mirror

You can’t go wrong with an animated mirror where a creepy ghostly skull face spooks — and speaks at — your guests.

Motion-activated haunted mirror, $15.67 at Amazon

Collapsible coffin

It’s weather-resistance, collapsible and is the perfect spot to hide out and spook unsuspecting trick-or-treaters.

Collapsible coffin, $31.41 at Amazon

Bloody footprints

Gotta love the variety of footprints.

Bloody footprints floor clings, $9.99 at Amazon

3-D bats wall decal

For less than $10, you’ll have yourself a 28-pack of 3-D bats.

3-D bats wall decal, $7.40 at Amazon

Haunted doll

Ah, yes, we’ve saved the best for last: the haunted doll. And this one is sound activated.

Please excuse me as I sage the office.

Sound-activated haunted doll, $22 at Amazon

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