Can’t get to the salon? Here’s how to get Paris Hilton’s hairdresser to cut your hair at home

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Saturday was an exciting day in the beauty world. After being forced to remain shut for more than three months, hairdressers were finally able to reopen their doors again – and our straggly strands and grown-out roots couldn’t be more thankful.

But with the necessary social distancing measures leaving fewer appointment slots available and a long queue of customers clamouring for them, it may still be a while before you can get back in the salon chair.

Yet fear not, as if you don’t fancy settling for a random time slot allocated for 9pm in four weeks' time, or aren’t comfortable with travelling to the salon, at-home styling service Glow & Dry have the answer.

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Through their site you can now book a hairdresser from top salons such as Hershesons, Jo Hansford and Errol Douglas to come and give you a blow dry, cut or even colour from the comfort of your own home.

Technicians wear PPE and equipment is sanitised between appointments, and with slots available between 7am and 1am, it couldn’t be easier to fit it into your diary.

Rates are the same as they would be in the salon, but from August clients can sign up to Glow & Dry’s “Your Beauty Members Club” for access to discounts and other rewards.

It’s currently only London-based salons signed up (although if you’re willing to pay the professionals’ travel costs, they can go to anywhere in the country), but there are plans to roll it out around the rest of the UK in time.

OK!’s beauty editor Laura Mulley was one of the first people to try this service out on Saturday 4th July – here’s what she thought…

Laura says:

Admittedly, my hair hasn’t regressed beyond all recognition over the last three months – it’s long and so can easily be twisted up into a top-knot, and being blonde(ish), any emerging greys aren’t very noticeable. But boy, was I ready for a tidy-up.

But with my usual salon fully booked for weeks, plus involving a journey on the Tube that I’d rather avoid, I was thrilled to be able to have a pro come and cut my hair at my own home. The novelty!

And these aren’t just any hairdressers – they’re some of the best in the country. I booked the fabulous Evan (who isn’t actually salon-based but works directly with Glow & Dry), who has years of experience working for fashion shows, red carpet events and celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Julianne Moore and Donna Air.

I was initially concerned that my tiny, carpeted flat wouldn’t be a suitable space for serious hair cutting business, but all Evan needed was natural light and a dining table chair (I also propped up a large mirror on a chair opposite me).

I was asked to have my hair wet and freshly washed, which fortunately saved any awkward contorting over the bathtub, and we both wore masks throughout. It all felt very comfortable, quick and convenient.

And the end result was as good as any I’ve had in any salon – neat ends, subtle layers and finished off with a bouncy blow dry. Sure, you don’t get the buzz of the salon or a fancy coffee brought over to you, but I think that the traditional salon experience may be very different from now on anyway.

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I’m not sure how practical it would be to get colour done, which obviously involves more equipment, time and mess, but for a quick trim or a professional blow dry without even leaving my home, I’d book again.

Now come on Boris, let’s get the rest of the beauty services back open again!

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