Cardi B Proves That Not Even the Courts Can Handle Her in the Outrageous Video For "Press"

If you were expecting a supersexy music video for Cardi B’s latest single, “Press,” you’re in for a surprise. Unlike her sultry duet performance with husband Offset at the 2019 BET Awards, the music video for “Press” is more about telling a story, and it’s an intense one. The video shows a trigger-happy Cardi pulling a gun on her two lovers and later being carted into an interrogation room, a courtroom, and finally a prison cell — all locations in which she leaves dead bodies behind.

It’s a little on the nose considering the single comes on the tail of her indictment on felony charges for a club brawl in 2018. But obviously the rapper is trying to send a message: “Cardi don’t need more press.” She’ll tell her story the way she wants to (and look fabulous while doing so).

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