College Football Player Honors Stepdad with Surprise Name Change on His Jersey: 'I Owe It to Him'

Samford University football player George Grimwade has always considered his stepfather to be family – and the heartwarming moment he changed his last name to prove it has gone viral.

Grimwade, 22, recently shared the sweet moment he revealed to stepdad Michael Musto that he had legally changed his name to George Grimwade Musto in a social media video that’s inspiring viewers to head straight for the tissue box.

In the clip, shared by the Alabama school, Grimwade explains his decision to officially change his last name.

“He’s always been my dad to me. He doesn’t have anyone to carry on his last name, and he raised me ever since I was in second grade,” the offensive lineman says. “I feel like I owe it to him to carry on his last name … I just want his legacy to live on forever, I don’t want it to end with him.”

George Grimwade Musto and Michael Musto

Grimwade legally changed his name in September, but only told his stepdad about it in October, during Samford’s family weekend.

In the special moment, Grimwade approaches Musto and says, “You know how much I love you, right? And how I always treasure the time I have with you? And how you’re my world? I got my last name changed.”

He then turns around to reveal that his football jersey now has Musto written on the back.

Father and son embrace in a tight hug as a stunned Musto breaks down in tears.

“Without you, I don’t know who I am, nor do I know where I’m at,” Grimwade says in the video. “You and mom are the reason why I’m together and I’m so happy that I can take on that last name with mom and to really feel like I’ve become one with that family.”

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