Disgruntled customers accuse firms of duping shoppers

You DON’T get what you pay for! Disgruntled customers accuse firms of duping shoppers with misleading packaging and dubious signage

  • BoredPanda has revealed the sneaky tricks companies use to dupe customers 
  • Many use misleading packaging so shoppers get less than they think 
  • Elsewhere small print leaves people forking out more than they bargained for 

So the saying goes, you get what you pay for, however that certainly doesn’t seem to be the case with these products.

A new online gallery compiled by BoredPanda has revealed the very cheeky ways in which companies dupe their customers into getting less than what they bargained for.

In many cases misleading packaging has left shoppers feeling short changed including bathroom products with the container barely half full.

In other cases businesses appear to promise their patrons amazing deals before they catch sight of the small print.

Whether its offering what appears to be free beer or a very scary substitute for Spongebob for these shoppers the price certainly wasn’t right.  

A new online gallery compiled by BoredPanda has revealed the misleading packages that leave customers short-changed 

Earth friendly shoppers may think they are recycling but one eagle-eyed customer discovered this is not the case

This superglue appears to offer a little more of the sticky substance than is actually on offer 

Customers pointed out that these porridge oats contained 35 per cent less sugar because it is a smaller serving 

This instant smoothie has everything you need for a delicious drink – minus of course the strawberries, milk and ice

From a distance you would easily be fooled into thinking there is nothing but olive oil in this vast container 

Customers purchasing this flashlight could be disappointed whether or not they buy batteries for it  

In this sneaky marketing ploy a company adds a fake hair to its advert to encourage customers to swipe up, taking them to the website

At $4 an hour this parking carpark seems like a steal, until motorists catch sight of the bluerpint

Confused as to why he was getting through deodorant so quickly this customer held a brand new stick up to the light to discover it was only a third full

From a few yards back this bar appears to offer its patrons an irresistible deal 

Parents thought they were booking a life size Spongebob entertainer (left) what they got was a man covered in sponges

Thought one of these Tide bottles appears to offer more, it seems identical in size to the ‘smaller’ version 

Though $1 might be cheap for a coffee there is nothing ‘free’ about the beverage 

When this supermarket advertised a triple pepperoni pizza the customer was not expecting that to equate to three pieces

Expecting their Spider-Man to grow in size the finished product came as quite a shock 

By choosing a light yellow for the ‘Up To’ lettering it is almost impossible to see from a distance

By colouring the cancel button green customers are more likely to click on it 

This mean trick is bound to leave customers feeling rather cheated 

A letting agency advertised that a flat had a terrace but didn’t mention the view of a wall 

One sneaky company disguised its flyers as parking tickets to encourage motorists to look at them

The chocolate treat found under this festive wrapper is the stuff of nightmares 

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