Everyone In Washington Gossips About Donald Trump's Tan

No matter the time of year, Donald Trump’s everlasting orange skin tone seems constant. Whether he’s shutting down the government, forgetting his wedding anniversary, or just taking Executive Time, he manages to stay the same color. Don’t think that politicos haven’t taken notice. The Cut reports that there have been rumblings about Trump’s tanning habits and the theories are range from the petty to the outrageous.

The New York Times collected a few ideas, including the simplest one: Trump uses tanning beds. James Comey’s memoir mentioned tanning beds, saying that Trump’s face had the hallmarks of a seasoned tanner: “slightly orange, with bright white half-moons under his eyes where I assumed he placed small tanning goggles.” He’s not the only one, former White House Director of Communications Omarosa Manigault also mentioned tanning beds in her book. She wrote that he used one every day. The White House denies the existence of a bed on premises, but there’s the real possibility that Trump could have on in his New York residence.

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Tanning beds aren’t the only way to get a glow, however. Some speculate that Trump is actually just laying out. He does spend plenty of time in Florida at Mar-a-Lago, so it’s not impossible. Jason Kelly, a makeup artist that worked on the 2016 Republican National Convention, said that although Trump’s face shows the reverse-raccoon pattern of tanning-bed goggles, the president did soak up rays during his frequent trips to Florida.

Trump could also be using self-tanner. Tina Alster, a Washington dermatologist, told the Times that the orange color of Trump’s skin leans more toward lotions than beds. 

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“He looks more orangy than he does tan,” Dr. Alster said. Bronzer is out of the question, though. An administration official told the paper that the only makeup that Trump wears is translucent powder, which he applies himself only before he goes on TV. Last year, a housekeeper told the Times that she was chided after she couldn’t remove an orange stain from one of Trump’s shirt collars. Experienced self-tan devotees know that stuff is tough to get out.

The anti-bronzer advocate also told the Times that he knew the reason for Trump’s unique hue. He said that the president is able to maintain his color thanks to “good genes.” Those genes could be the reason he keeps a year-round tan through polar vortices and gives him exactly what he needs to be in peak physical shape, even though he loves fast food. Those same genes are the reason he could live to be 200 years old. 

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While nobody can say for sure exactly what cocktail of tanning methods Trump uses to maintain his signature coloring, it’s clear that everyone has their own opinions.

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