Funny Valentine’s Day Cards For Couples Who Just Get Each Other

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Everyone expresses love differently, which means we all celebrate Valentine’s Day in our own way.

Maybe you prefer a cozy night in over a romantic dinner or want a fancy new couples vibrator to try out together. Some couples prefer to be wined and dined; other prefer their own brand of weird.

If a sappy card isn’t your style, you might be looking for a punny Valentine’s Day card or one that doesn’t take the silly holiday too seriously.

That’s why we scoured Etsy for handmade and ready-to-print cards that any couple with a good sense of humor will appreciate. We’ve seen Valentine’s Day cards with everything from Baby Yoda memes to Lizzo lyrics, and they’re all sure to surprise that special someone.

Below, we’ve rounded up 20 Valentine’s Day cards for couples who don’t take the holiday too seriously:

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