A Genius New 'Westworld' Theory Says There Are Multiple Bernards This Season

? Spoilers for Westworld Season 2 Episode 1, “Journey Into Night” below. ?

Westworld aired its Season 2 premiere last night, and while it’s clear that we’re seeing multiple timelines—i.e. Present Day and Two Weeks Ago—there’s a chance we might also be seeing multiple Bernards.

As we pointed out in our recap, Bernard is wearing two different outfits in the premiere episode—a black suit in what appears to be the recent past, and a gray suit in what appears to be the present:

It’s possible that Bernard simply switched outfits (people do tend to change clothes in two weeks!), but a Redditor user named solomars made an amazing discovery that changes the game. Namely, a still from Westworld’s trailer indicates that there are, in fact, multiple Bernard hosts.

This has sent Reddit spiraling into a world of theories, so let’s break a couple of them down:

1) Bernard is evolving into Arnold.

This one comes from Redditor Ninjabynight23, who theorizes that Ford took the whole “make Bernard into Arnold” thing one step further by messing around with DNA—specifically, implanting Arnold’s real-life memories in Bernard’s head. This is especially significant given the moment Arnold tells Dolores about his water-themed nightmare at the beginning of the episode.

Per Ninjabynight23: “The last scene of the episode is Bernard living the nightmare and thus may be making Arnold’s dream a reality, or is he experiencing Arnold’s dreams? I.E. is he questioning the nature of reality?”

2) Bernard of two weeks ago is a clone.

Redditor morepicard theorizes that the Bernard we’re seeing hangin’ out with Charlotte Hale in the past is a literal clone—not just a host—which brings up a whole new theory: that Delos is experimenting with human cloning vs. simple robots. This could explain why Bernard was able to pass that DNA sniffer test when he entered Delos’ secret labs.

3) Only one version of Bernard has a facial scar…

Bernard was shot and repaired last season, yet only one version of his season premiere self seemed to have a facial scar. Redditor mikegcode pointed out the anomaly, explaining that the scar is missing from beach scenes, yet present in scenes immediately following Ford’s murder.

4) Bernard Is Dolores

Crazy right? Wrong! This theory by BigbigPlibt is equal parts compelling and genius, and basically suggests that Dolores has taken over the physical body of Bernard. Thanks to the premiere, we know host’s “brains” can be removed—therefore, it stands to reason that they can also be swapped out or replaced.

What if Original Bernard “dies” due to his critical malfunction, and Dolores uploads herself into him? Per BigbibPlibt, “Delores [sic] might have noticed that it’ll be impossible to breach outside of Westworld with a small army and instead need to take a more stealth approach.” Nothing more stealth than her showing up on the beach as someone the Delos team knows, trusts, and thinks is human, right?

For more amazing Season 2 fan theories, head below.

Westworld airs Sunday nights at 9 PM on HBO.

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