This ‘GoT’ Theory About Azor Ahai Will Make You Look At Dany’s Dragons Totally Differently

Though they might have to wait until 2019 to see more Game of Thrones, fans haven’t stopped concocting theories about how the fantasy epic ends. Among the unlikely, but plausible endgames, is a new theory from Reddit user Doobla98, who posits that Drogon is actually Azor Ahai on Game of Thrones, as well as The Stallion Who Will Mount the World. Though it might seem weird to think a legendary hero is actually a dragon, Doobla98 makes a compelling case.

Before jumping in to the theory, here’s a refresher on Azor Ahai: According to Westeros legend, he killed the White Walkers thousands of years ago using a sword made out of flames called Lightbringer. He forged his weapon by plunging the blade into his wife Nissa Nissa. It has been foretold that he will return as The Prince Who Was Promised, and he will be born "amidst smoke and salt." He’s also supposed to be born from the House Targaryen and he could actually be a she (the word for "prince" in High Valyrian has no gender). Here’s the actual prophecy:

It’s a lot to keep track of, but Doobla98 makes a case for nearly all of these points being true about Daenerys’ biggest dragon.

The crux of the Reddit user’s theory lies in the idea that Daenerys’ unborn child reincarnated into Drogon, or all three dragons, when the witch sacrificed the baby. As you may recall from the Season 1 finale, it was after Dany lost the baby and her husband that she walked into the funeral pyre and came out with her fire-breathing "children."

Though even if the unborn baby didn’t "warg" into the dragon somehow, here’s the evidence Doobla98 puts forward about Drogon as Azor Ahai.

1. Drogon Was Born Under The Red Comet

This relates to the part of the prophecy that says, "A day after a long summer when the stars bleed." There was a red comet lingering in the skies when the dragons were born and remained above through Season 2 — many who don’t believe this theory about Azor Ahai still believe the star played a part in the dragon’s magic. This is also noteworthy because all the other characters who could be the Prince Who Was Promised were definitely already born and at least children when the red comet soared across the sky.

2. The Dragon Was Born Amidst The Smoke Of His Father’s Funeral Pyre & Possibly Salt From His Mom’s Tears

If we’re believing that Drogon is a reincarnated unborn baby, then the "child’s" birth happened when the dragon hatched as a distraught Daenerys walked into Khal Drogo (his father’s) funeral pyre.

3. Drogon’s Fire Breath Is A More Effective Weapon Made Of Flames Than Any Other Lightbringer Seen So Far

So, it’s true that Drogon wields a fiery weapon, but here’s where the theory loses some connection to the legends. Azor Ahai forged his sword when he plunged the blade into his true love, who is the baby’s/Drogon’s true love? Meanwhile, we know of another candidate who really did gain her fiery weapon after killing her spouse.

4. As The Child Of Daenerys, Drogon Is From The Targaryen Family

If Drogon is the baby reincarnated that he has the spirit of a Targaryen descendent, otherwise the dragon is referred to by Dany as her "child" all the time, so it still holds up. Besides Targaryens and dragons have a historic connection.

The second part of this user’s theory relates to "The Stallion Who Will Mount the World," a prophecy related to Daenerys’ son. According to the Dothraki religion, this "stallion" will be the "khal of khals" who unites all the Dothraki warriors. The prophecy states:

The user pointed out that this description could also be used to describe a dragon — he can certainly fly as "swift as the wind," and the phrase "fierce as storm" seems like an understatement. It also certainly can be assumed that common people like "the milk men in the stone tents" would be scared of Drogon. Another good point Doobla98 brings up is the duality of the legend being both a stallion and a prince. "This seems like an odd duality," the fan wrote. "Except in the case of Drogon as he is both Dany’s child and her mount."

While these are strong points, there can also be just as good a case made (or better) for many of the human characters. Still, it’s fun to think about.

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