Grown man bursts into tears at sight of his new puppy

Fact: You’re never too old to cry over puppies.

An Australian man is going viral on TikTok after he crumpled in tears as he held his new baby German Shepherd — a gift on his 25th birthday.

Daniel Totos, from Adelaide, was filmed by a friend on June 20 during his birthday unboxing, which included a surprise entrance by his wife, Ashley, 24, with a puppy in her arms.

The heart-melting video on TikTok has been watched 3.6 million times so far.

The clip begins with Daniel unwrapping a box he thought contained a watch. “Oh my goodness, this is fancy,” he says, as he holds up a small brown dog collar.

After a moment of confusion, his wife enters the frame with the docile doggo draped in her arms — which prompts the man to bury his head in his hands and sob with joy. Seated again, Ashley places the perfect pup in Daniel’s lap as he weeps over his new friend, who they named Monty.

“I was so nervous when we got home with Monty. Just knowing that Dan dreamt of having a dog, to make our house a home, I just wanted the surprise to be perfect,” Ashley tells Caters News.

“When I came down the hall and saw Dan’s face, I burst into tears,” Ashley says. “Seeing his reaction made me feel so whole — just knowing that he was so happy — this was all he ever wanted, and I was so happy that I could do that for him and make him that happy.”

Ashley also shared the video on Facebook, according to Daily Mail, and said that this dog had been the “one thing in the whole world” Dan wanted.

“After dealing with my wedding planning over the last three years, and giving me the wedding of my dreams . . . he deserved something a little special for his birthday this year,” she writes.

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