I want to leave my wife to be with another woman but I know our relationship will never work out – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE:  I THOUGHT I was an emotionless robot incapable of loving anyone but now I realise I can still love.

The problem is that I am already married and the woman I love will never leave her boyfriend. I am 36 and no longer love my wife. She’s 37, we get along but the feelings I once had have gone.

I have got close to this woman at work. We have lunch together, meet for a drink. She holds my hand.

She’s 32 and has a long-term boyfriend, however, and she is happy with him. I have never kissed her, even when I have felt she wanted me to. Should I tell her how I feel and risk the friendship?

DEIDRE SAYS:  I’m sure she knows and is getting a buzz from feeling you fall for her. If she’s happy with her boyfriend, though, this is not sensitive behaviour.
She seems to be stringing you along.

You say you and your wife get along so maybe the problem at home is that you have simply let the feelings you once had for her die away. Love and lust need to be nurtured.

Stop wasting your time in this dead-end flirtation and put some focus and energy into your marriage.

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