I went camping on the beach in Texas during the pandemic. Here are 7 things I packed for a cheap, socially-distant getaway, and one thing wished I had with me.

  • I traveled three and a half hours from Austin to Goose Island State Park on the Texas coast for one night of camping in June.
  • I brought items like wipes, soap, and facemasks that helped me protect myself and others from the virus.
  • If I were to go again, I'd also pack a hand towel specifically for drying my hands to protect them from germs.
  • Here's what to pack if you're planning on camping during the coronavirus pandemic.
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Travelers should consult the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines before embarking on any summer trips. When you're on the road, stopping for gas, food, or bathroom breaks can put you in close contact with other people and the surfaces they touch, according to the CDC.

I traveled from central Texas to the coast for one night of camping in June. I brought supplies with me to Goose Island State Park that helped me protect myself and others from the coronavirus.



I brought five face masks and coverings as the CDC recommends wearing a those in public. Knowing that I wouldn't want to be stuck with a sweaty mask, I brought four extras.

Source: CDC

The virus spreads primarily from person to person, making enclosed spaces riskier than outdoor spaces. So I brought my own food to the campsite to avoid restaurants and stores. Peanut butter and jelly plus plenty of snacks kept me from having to touch the campsite grill.

Source: Business Insider

I still needed to touch surfaces like the picnic table and the water faucet from time-to-time. So I brought sanitizing wipes to disinfect them before and after use.

These wipes can disinfect surfaces by compromising the virus's protective layer,Dr. Saskia Popescu, a senior infection prevention epidemiologist, previously told Business Insider.

Source: Business Insider

The trip to and from the campsite included seven hours of car travel. I knew I would need to inevitably touch a pump, so I brought disposable gloves to wear at the gas station.

Since I only went camping for one night, I didn't use the camp showers. Instead, I cleaned myself with baby wipes. This way, I was able to avoid any extra trips to the bathroom.

Before and after touching anything during this trip, I used hand sanitizer. Since I knew I'd have a faucet at my campsite …

… I brought some hand soap with me too. Washing your hands with soap and water is more effective than hand sanitizer, Elizabeth Scott, a professor at Simmons University and a home and community hygiene expert, previously told Insider.

Source: Insider

Scott also said that drying your hands on a clean towel helps protect your skin from bacteria and viruses. I wish I had brought a towel specifically for drying my clean hands.

Source: Insider

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