Lemon drizzle revealed as Britain’s best loved cake

Revealed: Lemon drizzle beats Victoria sponge to be crowned Britain’s best loved cake (but do YOU agree?)

  • The Protein World survey of 2,000 people reveals Britain’s best-loved cakes
  • Study puts lemon drizzle in top spot closely followed by chocolate fudge cake
  • Other British classics such as fruit cake, coffee and walnut,  made the final 20
  • Also revealed that Brits enjoy a slice of cake on average three times a week 
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The humble lemon drizzle has beaten the Victoria sponge to the top spot to be crowned Britain’s best loved cake in a new study.  

Researchers polled Brits to reveal the nation’s most loved cake, with lemon drizzle emerging as the clear favourite with 40 per cent of participants naming it among their favourite teatime treats.

The sweet treat beat off strong competition from chocolate fudge cake which came second (38 per cent) and carrot cake which placed third (37 per cent).

The American-born chocolate brownie came in fourth, leaving the classic British Victoria sponge trailing in fifth place.

Other British classics such as fruit cake, coffee and walnut and the good old-fashioned date and walnut cake made the final list of 20.

Do you agree? Lemon drizzle has beaten the Victoria sponge to the top spot to be crowned Britain’s best loved cake in a new study (file photo)

What are Britain’s favourite cakes?

1. Lemon drizzle 40 per cent

2. Chocolate fudge cake 38 per cent

3. Carrot cake 37 per cent

4. Chocolate brownie 36 per cent

5. Victoria sponge 35 per cent

6. Chocolate muffin 31 per cent

7. Sticky toffee pudding 29 per cent

8. Coffee and walnut cake 28 per cent

9. Black forest gateau 26 per cent

10. Blueberry muffin 26 per cent 

11. Fruit cake 25 per cent

12. Swiss roll 23 per cent

13. Battenburg 19 per cent

14. Madeira cake 18 per cent

15. Fairy cakes 18 per cent

16. Angel cakes 18 per cent

17. Butterfly cakes 17 per cent

18. Chelsea bun 16 per cent

19. Red velvet 15 per cent

20. Date and walnut loaf 12 per cent 

According to a September 2018 study by Protein World 

The survey of 2,000 people also revealed modern Brits enjoy a slice of cake on average three times a week, while 77 per cent agreed with the statement ‘there’s not much that can’t be sorted with a cup of tea and slice of cake’.

In fact, 55 per cent percent of Brits (and 73 per cent of women) would chose a slice of cake over sex with their other half, while 77 per cent of the nation also described themselves as ‘cake lovers’.

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The average time of day we enjoy cake is 3pm and our favourite location is in a coffee shop with friends.

Yet the study commissioned by Protein World found there are downsides to the nation’s passion for cake.

Around four in ten people (38 per cent) admit to feeling guilty after indulging in a slice of cake with the average Brit consuming 237 calories of cake or sweet treats every day. 

The sweet treat beat off strong competition from chocolate fudge cake which came second at 38 per cent (file photo)

Teatime favourite carrot cake placed third (37 per cent, left), and American-born chocolate brownie came in fourth (right; file photo)

The classic British Victoria sponge trailed in fifth place, according to the study of over 2,000 people by Protein World

So it’s no surprise that 62 per cent of us say we would like to find a way to enjoy it without the sugar and remorse.

The study also reveals that, inspired by shows like Great British Bake Off, we truly are a nation of home bakers with around seven out of ten (68 per cent) of Brits saying they enjoy making cakes themselves.

We bake around four times a month and that does mean some failures, with 60 per cent of the population admitting to having had a baking disaster.

On average we burn two cakes a year and serve up a further two which just don’t rise.

The average baker also loses one cake a year to the family pet, which eats it while it cools.

The chocolate muffin came in at sixth place with 31 per cent of the vote according to the new study by Protein World

Some 29 per cent of respondents named sticky toffee pudding among their favourite cakes (left), while coffee and walnut cake came in eighth place with 28 per cent of the vote (right)

Brand Manager for Protein World, Emma Frain, said: “This study shows we’re not just a nation of cake lovers, we’re a nation of cake bakers too, yet many of us don’t have time to bake from scratch.

“To meet the needs of time-poor, caking-loving Brits who don’t want to pile on the pounds every time they reach for a slice, Protein World has developed a new range of low-calorie baking mixes, meaning the nation really can have their cake and eat it.

Interestingly the survey reveals that as we get older, our love affair with baked goods fades.

Only 60 per cent of over-60s called themselves cake lovers, compared to the national average of 77 per cent.

Regionally, Sheffield came out as the cake capital of the UK where 70 per cent of inhabitants preferred a slice of cake to sex.

You may want to examine what’s offered to you in Edinburgh, which has the highest proportion of baking disasters, with three quarters of the population admitting to a cooking catastrophe.

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