Magic shaving powder that removes hair in minutes goes viral on TikTok

‘It works EVERYWHERE!’ $2 ‘magic shaving powder’ that removes all hair in minutes, while leaving skin ‘super smooth’, sells out online after going viral on Tik Tok

  • SoftSheen-Carson’s Magic Shaving Powder has gone viral on TikTok with dozens of users sharing videos of themselves trying it out 
  • It retails for less than $2 at most stores, however it has sold out on a number of websites, including Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, and Amazon 
  • The powder is supposed to be mixed with water to form a paste that is then applied to the skin, where it is left to dry for around five minutes 
  • You then wipe it off with a damp washcloth to reveal smooth, hairless skin 
  • Although the majority of people use the powder on their legs, some have used it on more sensitive areas, including their face, insisting that it ‘works everywhere’ 
  • According to the brand, the powder was ‘formulated for black men’ and is intended to target ‘course, textured hair’ and prevent razor burn 

With many beauty salons across the country currently closed amid the pandemic, people are on the hunt for at-home alternatives to their favorite treatments – and one in particular has taken the internet by storm: magic shaving powder. 

The product, which retails for less than $2 in most drugstores, has sparked a viral sensation on TikTok, where dozens of users have shared videos of themselves trying it out, while waxing lyrical about the ‘incredible results’.  

Created by SoftSheen-Carson, the Magic Shaving Powder promises to completely remove body hair, while leaving the skin smooth and soft – a claim that many TikTok users insist it more than lives up to. 

Viral fame: TikTok users are going wild over a $2 ‘magic shaving powder’ that removes hair in mere minutes, while leaving skin smooth and soft 

Easy as can be! The powder, from SoftSheen-Carson, takes just five minutes to remove hair after being applied to the skin, and TikTok user say it can be used ‘everywhere’ 

Voila! TikTokker Alyssa Marie Gray was left stunned by the results, revealing that the powder completely removed her leg hair after just a few minutes

In fact, the powder has proven so popular that it has sold out on a number of major websites, including Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and Amazon. 

According to the brand, the magic shaving powder was specially ‘formulated for black men’ to use on their face and head, with the online description explaining that it is intended to help get rid of ‘course, textured hair’. 

Bargain! The powder retails for less than $2 in most major drugstores

However many women on TikTok have found a new use for the powder, putting it to work on their leg hair, as well as more intimate areas like their upper lip and bikini lines. 

‘Works EVERYWHERE y’all,’ user Alyssa Marie Gray said of the product, revealing that she found the powder at her local Walmart, where she bought it for just $1.87. 

She explained that she first learned about the product on TikTok, where users were raving about how much better it is than other hair removal creams and products, revealing: ‘You get no razor bumps and you don’t have to worry about getting cut or shaving.

‘It took about five to seven minutes for my legs to get super smooth!’ 

In her video, Alyssa also detailed the process for using the powder, revealing that she mixed to heaped teaspoons of the product with some water – while warning others not to add too much liquid. 

After combining the powder with a small amount of water, she revealed that it formed a paste-like consistency, which she then applied to her legs before leaving it to dry.   

You then use a damp washcloth to remove the paste, revealing smooth, hairless skin. 

According to other users, the powder can also be applied to more sensitive areas, with US-based TikTokker Erin Kennedy explaining that she used it on her upper lip and chin area to remove hair. 

‘I’ve got this magic shaving powder on my face because I’ve got an extremely hairy Italian face and I’m sick of shaving every other day,’ she revealed, while filming herself with the paste on her face. 

And just like Alyssa, Erin was extremely impressed with the results, telling the camera: ‘It worked! No more mustache!’ 

She also posted a follow-up video to update followers on her thoughts, three days after using the powder. 

‘The hair is gone, and that’s great, no stubble!’ she explained, while adding: ‘I did get a little dryness, and a red mark – but for how sensitive my skin is, that’s a pretty good thing to happen, just having that. 

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Options: The powder can also be used on more sensitive areas, including the face, with user Erin Kennedy revealing that she applied it to her upper lip and chin to remove facial hair


Going, going, gone: A number of retailers, including CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and Amazon, have sold out of the product online 

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‘When I wax I get bumps everywhere. I would recommend… maybe not for someone who has really sensitive skin, but if you have normal skin, do it.’  

Katie Reichel also waxed lyrical about the powder, telling her followers: ’11/10 recommend, made my legs super smooth!’   

Even those who were skeptical about the powder’s abilities admit to being won over after trying it out, with Madison Eagles revealing: ‘It actually f***ing works! I was doubtful… but it worked!’ 

In fact the only downside to the powder seems to be its sell-out success; several major retailers, including Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, and Amazon, are currently sold out of the product – which is available in a few varieties. 

The most popular version on TikTok appears to be the ‘fragrant’ product, however users have also shown themselves trying out the ‘conditioning’ and ‘extra strength’ options.  

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