Meghan Markle Heartbroken Her Dad Won’t Walk Her Down The Aisle – Who Will Take His Place?

Now that her dad has pulled out of the royal wedding, Meghan Markle is scrambling to save face and find someone to take his place with just days to go.

Poor Meghan Markle. The 36-year-old actress is scrambling to find someone to walk her down the aisle now that her dad Thomas Markle Sr. has dramatically pulled out at the last minute. Just five days before her May 19 royal wedding, her father revealed that he’s skipping the event after admitting that he staged some paparazzi shots of him to “recast his image,” according to TMZ. Now the embarrassed Suits star is in the midst of a PR and logistics nightmare before she weds Prince Harry. A royal insider has EXCLUSIVELY given HollywoodLife the scoop on what’s happening behind-the-scenes. “Meghan feels embarrassed and disappointed over her father’s involvement with the staged photos,” the person claimed. “She is sad and confused as to why her father would do such a thing. Meghan wishes her dad had talked to her about it first so she could have helped him avoid this mess.”

Putting the embarrassment of the scandal aside, there’s something far more personal upsetting Meghan. The person said, “Meghan is also sad that her father may miss the wedding entirely. It won’t be the same fairytale wedding for her without her father walking her down the aisle. Meghan is heartbroken over the last minute change in wedding plans and she and Harry are discussing if her mother, or who else, will be the best replacement for her father to escort her down the aisle.” Our source claimed that Prince Harry is being “really loving, supportive and understanding of the situation.” The insider added: “He wants his bride to enjoy the happiest day of her life and he is doing his best to keep her focused on all the good things happening instead of worrying about her father.”

That’s wonderful but when millions of people around the world turn on their TVs to watch Meghan and Prince Harry marry, the burning question will be, who will walk her down the aisle? She’s estranged from her brother Thomas Markle Jr., who isn’t even invited to the wedding. So the only other family member who could fill in is her mom Doria Ragland. If her mother won’t do it, Meghan can look to her future in-laws – Harry’s dad Prince Charles or his brother Prince William. Her future grandfather-in-law Prince Philip isn’t an option. Although he is a sprightly 96-year-old, he is recovering from hip surgery. Another possibility is to avoid having someone give her away altogether and just strut down the aisle alone. We feel for Meghan, because whatever she chooses to do could make an already emotional and nerve-wracking day, a million times worse! We suggest that she picks a good friend do fill in for her dad – maybe her on-screen husband, Suits co-star Patrick J. Adams? Now that would be the ultimate Hollywood ending!

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