Melania Trump ‘Grateful’ The Obamas Are Kind To Her Despite Donald: Barack Is ‘Charming’

When Melania Trump gave Barack Obama a smile at Barbara Bush’s funeral, everyone had one question: What would Donald Trump say? Now we have the inside scoop on what she thinks about Barack.

Melania Trump thinks former President Barack Obama is “warm, charming and funny.” So says a source close to the first lady who very kindly spilled the beans to HollywoodLife. Days after Melania exchanged a cheeky grin with Obama at Barbara Bush’s April 21 funeral we’ve learned exactly what the current FLOTUS thinks about the former first couple. And while her husband President Donald Trump regularly slams his predecessor on Twitter it seems that she actually likes the former POTUS and his first lady, Michelle Obama. Our source claims, “Melania will never forget how kind Michelle and Barack were to her on Donald’s Inauguration Day. It really meant a lot to her.”

We can only imagine how nerve wracking that day must have been and it seems that Barack and Michelle were there to help ease the tension. Our source says, “It was an incredibly stressful experience, she had been bombarded with protocol to follow, and the constant fear of taking a step wrong, and being publicly ridiculed, was pretty overwhelming. But, the Obamas immediately put her at ease, they were so incredibly gracious to her, and for that alone she will always be grateful.” That’s understandable. Who wouldn’t have good feelings towards someone who was nice to them?

But we really want to know is what the president thinks about it. Our source claims, “Plus, Melania finds Barack extremely warm, charming and funny, much to Donald’s annoyance. Melania was pretty nervous about attending the funeral, because she’s aware that the world is watching her and just waiting for her to make a wrong move. But she immediately felt a lot more comfortable once she was in Michelle and Barack’s company.” If a picture speaks a thousand words that is very clear from the snaps of Melania and the Obamas at the service. That grin speaks volumes.

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