Mum waits hours for pilot son's delayed flight, is invited on plane as the only

In the way that mums always show up to support their children, Ryan McCormick’s beloved ma turned up for him.

But unfortunately for mum Mary, from Florida, U.S, she had to wait seven hours for her pilot son as his plane was delayed.

Waiting to board a flight that was due to be flown by Ryan, Mary was told that there was a seven-hour delay.

All other passengers opted to be rebooked on an earlier journey but Mary stayed put.

And as patience is a virtue, she ended up flying on the plane as the only passenger with her son at the wheel.

But we know what you’re thinking – having one pilot is kind of dangerous isn’t it? (smaller planes can be manned by solo pilots).

Ryan had nothing to worry about though because Mary is actually a retired captain herself so she would’ve been fine had anything happened to him.

‘After a seven-hour delay yesterday, every passenger opted to be rebooked on an earlier flight except for one – my mum,’ wrote Ryan on Facebook.

‘I had the amazing opportunity of being her private pilot while she had the entire airliner to herself.’

In the end, it turned out to be a private jet type situation as Mary had the whole plane to herself.

She was even invited to the cockpit for some cute mother and son pics.

Users on Facebook were amused by the story praising their relationship.

‘Mums are the best like that. Very cool.’ wrote one person while another said: ‘What a lovely moment for them after a stressful day. I love it.’

Others made jokes. One person said: ‘In case of cabin decompression, please assist your children first, since they will be landing the plane for you.’

‘”You’re speeding” – mum probably,’ quipped another.

One person raised a good point: ‘This is super cute. This is also a major waste of fuel’.

Well, he has a point.

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