My cousin’s daughter has accused my husband of making a pass at her

DEAR DEIDRE: MY cousin’s daughter has accused my husband of making some sort of pass at her at a family barbecue.

It came out of the blue and my husband is shocked and upset. I’m 48, he is 49 and the girl is 17.

He admits he was drunk but says he has no memory of doing anything.

Nothing like this has ever happened before, although he does drink a lot.

My cousin’s daughter won’t say exactly what happened. As far as we can tell, nobody else saw anything.

It has put a big strain on my relationship with my cousin and her daughter.

We are both upset too and don’t know how to deal with it.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Saying sorry is usually a good start. Suggest your husband see your cousin and her daughter together – on Zoom, maybe.

Say he has no memory of doing anything inappropriate but he is very sorry if he somehow caused offence. Then send a bouquet.

But tell your husband this flags up what a problem his drinking is becoming.

He must cut down or risk worse consequences – to his own health as well as socially.

My e-leaflet Drinking Problems can help.

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