Nicki Minaj Is A Neon Ninja In Her Sexy AF Video For ‘Chun Li’ — Watch

Nicki Minaj just delivered a spinning-kick to hip-hop, as she just dropped the video for ‘Chun-Li’. Check it out, as Nicki pulls off some killer moves, all while wearing a skin-tight PVC outfit.

The world was not ready for this. Nicki Minaj, 35, delivered a 1-2 punch on May 4, releasing the music videos for both “Barbie Tingz” and “Chun-Li.” Seriously, Nicki gave everyone a 1-hour warning, posting to Instagram that “both videos will premiere” at 12:00 PM ET. That just goes to show – don’t ever sleep on Nicki, or she’ll just catch you off-guard. That lesson was also clear in the video for the Street Fighter inspired track.

First off, the video was hot – of course, this is Nicki, after all. After starting off in what looks like a Chinese prison (Street Fighter’s Chun-Li is Chinese, btw), Nicki appears in an outfit lit up with neon lights. From there, it just gets hotter, as Ms. Minaj dons one sexy outfit after another. Ultimately, Ms. Minaj needs to get her hands dirty, as she dispatches her haters with some martial arts. Cue the scantily clad dancers – both ladies and men – and it’s a sizzling video, just in time for summer.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting this. Nicki released a teaser for the video on April 26, showing Nicki rocking Chun Li’s trademark hairstyle and a skin-tight PVC outfit. The two-minute teaser showed Ms. Minaj nailing some high kicks, going toe-to-toe (or in this case, high-heel to high-heel) with another dancer. Eagle-eyed fans pointed out that dancer was Aliya Janell, who lit up the Internet in 2017 by dancing to Nicki’s “Itty Bitty Piggy.” Yes, one of Nicki’s fans went from mimicking her online to dancing with her hero.

It’s a shame that not all of Nicki’s fans could be so cool. Cardi B recently had to clap-back at some cruel Barbz after some of Nicki’s fans made some cruel comments about Cardi’s unborn baby. You people are f**king miserable. Report this page!! People with no sense and no heart shouldn’t have access to the internet,” Cardi said. While Nicki and Cardi may have some unresolved beef over their verses on “Motorsport,” Nicki’s stans really shouldn’t be sending death threats to Cardi’s unborn child. That is just uncalled for. Plus, it’s 2018. Fans can love both Cardi and Nicki. C’mon. How about everyone just sit back and enjoy Nicki’s new videos and be cool to each other?

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