Nigella Lawson’s ‘two-stage’ toast hack mercilessly mocked by foodies

Nigella Lawson has divided opinion on social media after sharing a special "two-stage" hack to make the perfect toast.

Appearing on her show Nigella's Cook, Eat, Repeat on BBC, the food lover shows her piece of toast which already had butter melted into it.

"I favour the two-stage buttering approach, and so far, only stage one has taken place," she says.

"The minute this came out of the toaster, it's still lovely and hot, I spread it with butter so that the butter has melted down into it."

Nigella says that should give the bread a "crumpetty bite", but it is not finished yet.

"Stage two now, ready for it," the cook says, taking another slab of butter. "I need a little more butter and it will stay in some golden patches on the surface.

"It's unsalted butter, which I prefer to use. But what I need to do, is sprinkle some sea salt flakes over.

"This is the platonic ideal of toast."

The segment ends with Nigella taking a big chomp on the toast.

But a vast swathe of viewers were quick to blast the supposed hack.

"Sea salt on toast," one exclaimed. "A new Nigella Lawson recipe. 2020 just keeps getting weirder."

"Double buttering plus sea salt flakes," a second commented. "Heart attack on a plate right there."

A third added: "Just watched Nigella Lawson on BBC 2 teach me how to butter toast, are we learning how to crack an egg next week?"

Others, though, appreciated the trick and couldn't wait to try it themselves.

One wrote: "Bloody amazing salt on toast! Why have I never heard of this before! Thank you Nigella."

Another called the recipe a "genuine improvement to my breakfast experience there."

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