People reveal their hilarious wrong number text exchanges

Textual healing! Hilarious snaps reveal why sending a message to the wrong number makes chatting on the phone a LOT more fun

  • People from around the world contributed their wrong texts to a viral thread
  • A man was offered to come for dinner despite not being the intended recipient
  • Another asked for a job after being praised for giving advice to a stranger
  • Others revealed their wrong texts were interpreted incorrectly by the reciever 

There’s nothing like hitting ‘send’ on a message and realising that it’s winging its way to the wrong person. 

But a wrong number text isn’t always a scenario for disaster as these rather amusing examples from around the world shared by BuzzFeed prove. 

One texter cheekily asked for a job after she received a text from a medical scientist who was trying to contact a doctor. 

She came up with the right answer simply by using Google, impressing the scientist with her skills. 

Another was able to gain an invite to dinner after a grandmother texted him instead of her relatives.

However, things didn’t go quite so well for people who accidentally sent their boss or parents an inappropriate message.

People from around the globe showed their hilarious exchanges with random strangers. One person shared with Twitter a strange photograph they accidentally  received 

One person took texting the wrong number as an opportunity to ask for cheese recommendations

Two people exchanged a brief flirtation as the wrong text recipient began to confess their love

A confident individual assumed they were texted by mistake when they received a message implying everyone disliked them  

One person shared with Twitter how they had tried to cause panic by going along with a message meant for someone else 

A man accidentally texted his father asking him to buy 2gs – slang for cannabis – but managed to turn it around by pretending he meant Gatorade  

One woman tried her luck to get  a job after using Google to quickly reply to a random message

As if resigning by text wasn’t bad enough, this employee made it worse by accidentally calling her boss ‘thick’  

One person accidentally sent their complaint about their driving instructor directly to them


A grandmother made a new friend after accidentally inviting the wrong person to dinner

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