Plastic surgery addict quadruples breast size to get ‘perfect Bimbo Barbie’ look

A plastic surgery addict has quadrupled the size of her breasts in order to look like a “perfect bimbo doll”.

Cathy, 29, who works as a cam girl and model, has had numerous lip fillers and boob jobs to create a Barbie-like figure.

The young woman shows off her altered physique in sexy lingerie and bikini snaps to fans online.

Cathy began having surgery several years ago

She explained: “I have changed my appearance to look more feminine, more doll-like and to become perfect like a Barbie doll.

"I love perfectionism. I have increased the size of my breasts and my lips."

She continued: “I’ve injected hyaluronic acid several times into my cheeks, chin, jawline and corrected my nose.

“My breasts used to be very small before, I was an A cup, unfortunately.

"Now I'm proud to have 1050cc implants in my breasts and I’m an 80E cup.”

Cathy has increased her boobs to four times their original size in her quest for “perfection.”

The 29-year-old has forked out thousands on procedures to enhance her body – so many, in fact, that she’s lost track of how many surgeries she’s had.

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While Cathy insists her friends and family still treat her the same as before, it’s her OnlyFans subscribers who pay for her procedures.

The model,, runs a successful account which funds her addiction.

She added: "I am still a long way from reaching my goal to become the perfect Bimbo doll.

“I'm looking forward to every new fan who supports me and my life in my pink Barbie Bimbo doll lifestyle, those who are faithful will be rewarded as I have a lot to offer.

“Yes, I am addicted to the perfectionism of femininity.

“Some things are worth it.”

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