Police Rush To Cher’s Malibu Home After Panic Alarm Hit

A panic alarm was hit at Cher’s Malibu home on Sunday causing police to rush over there to find out what was going on and if the singer was in any danger.

According to TMZ, five Los Angeles County Sheriff patrol cars raced up to Cher’s Malibu compound after learning an alarm had sounded. Thankfully, it ended up being a complete false alarm. Once all of the police arrived, they quickly took a stroll around the grounds and realized there was not a cause for concern.

The website was not sure if the singer was home at the time the alarm sounded or not. Since the police did not divulge any information regarding the alarm, just that someone tripped it; details of who caused the panic alarm are unclear. However, since there was not a cause for concern clearly whoever caused the alarm to go off had permission to be at Cher’s home.

As for why it was necessary to send five patrol cars to check out the sounding alarm, well that could have to do with how security conscious the singer is. Cher is so worried about ensuring her security and safety—her house sits alone at the top of a hill. It is literally a compound, which has multiple safe rooms for her and her staff in case she ever feels threatened. It is estimated to be about 13,000 square feet and that is just for the house. The surrounding land is not included in the estimation.

The LAPD did admit that because this was a panic alarm and not a burglar alarm, they reacted differently. They revealed had the alarm been a burglar alarm, they would not have sent so many patrol cars to the house, even if it is a famous icon such as Cher.

Along with her Malibu compound, the singer has homes all over the world including New York, Las Vegas, Italy, and at one point in time, even Egypt. All of her homes have one thing in common, top-notch security and who can blame her for wanting to ensure her safety. She is a famous woman of legendary status, safety should be a concern because with all the glory comes the stalkers. Stay safe Cher!

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