Princess Diana's Death: Why Experts Believe There Was Another Car Involved in the Infamous Accident

Princess Diana’s death affected people everywhere. No one ever thought a woman who had so much left to give the world would be taken from it so early. Immediately, there were rumors flying around about what really happened. Was her death part of a conspiracy or just a terrible accident? It’s widely publicized that there was a white Fiat Uno that clipped Diana’s vehicle that night. Read on to learn why experts believe that there may have been another car involved in the accident.

Evidence was left on Princess Diana’s vehicle

Princess Diana was involved in a car accident on August 31, 1997, that went on to claim her life a few hours later at the hospital. The driver, Henri Paul, and Diana’s partner Dodi Fayed, died at the scene. The only survivor was Trevor Rees-Jones, Diana’s bodyguard.

Princess Diana had been traveling in a black Mercedes, which was revealed to have traces of white paint on it from a Fiat Uno. The wreckage showed that there had been some sort of contact with this type of vehicle that ended up leaving evidence on Diana’s car.

Le Van Thanh speaks out

A man named Le Van Thanh has been brought up in regards to the accident. He was reportedly told not to talk about what had occurred and he decided to finally open up and shine a light on what really happened. Van Thanh spoke to a group writing a book about the infamous crash according to The Daily Star. Van Thanh actually said he is willing to speak with Met Police if they want to approach him now. He was also interrogated by French police at the time of the incident.

The group spoke to Van Thanh in his home in Paris and told himthat British police still want to question him. “I know they will come. Severaltimes they told me they would come back,” Van Thanh said. “Because eventuallythey told me, ‘Yes, they will come.’ They wanted me to go to England.”

Van Thanh said he was told by the authorities in France notto go to England. “You know what the French police told me? ‘It’s not the samelaw as in France, don’t go there. Don’t go there,’” Van Thanh revealed. “Hetold me, ‘It’s not the same law as in France, don’t go there…don’t go there (toEngland).’”

Van Thanh had his Fiat Uno painted

What about the Fiat Uno that he owned and had repainted tothe color red? His father had already made claims about it himself. “The policereport – they know why I repainted it,” he said. “When you have no money andyou have a damaged old car, what do you do?”

In a unique podcast called FatalVoyage: Diana Case Solved that comes from the group that created thebook that interviewed Van Thanh, they reexamine the evidence of what reallyhappened that night. Colin McLaren, a former homicide detective, interviewed awoman named Sabine who had some interesting information about what she saw withher husband just after the crash. They saw a white Fiat Uno that appeared to behobbling down the road close to the crash location.

“He was zig-zagging. We thought he was drunk. When I lookedat the car, there were scratch on the paint of the car,” she said. Sabine saidthe driver was, “small with short black hair.” She also said he had a dog withhim along with a damaged taillight.

People will probably never know what really happened that fateful night. There will always be a mystery surrounding the death of Princess Diana.

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