These Self-Chilling Cans Of Cold Brew Only Take 90 Seconds To Get Cold

Nothing takes the armpit stains out of a hot summer day like a refreshing iced coffee, but it’s a major Debbie downer when the cup also turns into a sweaty mess, with the melting ice watering down your delicious beverage and turning your iced coffee into water that sort of tastes like somebody accidentally poured coffee into it. 7-Eleven has the answer, with brand spankin’ new self-chilling cans of cold brew coffee, they recently announced in a press release.

The announcement actually packs a twofold punch: first, this is their introduction of their new drink, Fizzics Sparkling Cold Brew Coffee, which sounds like something that I had a dream about last week. The drink comes in three flavors: regular, French vanilla, and caramel.

On top of the new drink itself, Fizzics is served in the first self-chilling cans the U.S. public has ever seen, says the press release. It took 25 years to develop and uses patented technology. Apparently, it’s just a test launch right now, and you can only find the drinks at 15 participating 7-Eleven locations in the Los Angeles area; but intuition tells me this thing is going to spread like wildfire. Self-chilling cans, people. This is the future!

You’re probably wondering how it works — and it’s pretty simple (and kind of amazing.

When you grab the can, it will be room temperature. All you do is turn the can upside down on a flat surface, and turn the base of it until you hear a hissing sound. Keep your hands off when you hear this sound, because it means the magic is happening. (FYI, the warmth of your hands could mess it all up.) When the hissing — which the press release says lasts somewhere between 75 and 90 seconds — stops, you can turn the can right side up, crack it open, and drink it.

Is this magic? No! It’s science.

In the press release, the team explains the technology uses reclaimed CO2 to cool down the drink inside. Best yet, it’s still 100 percent recyclable and does not create any new CO2. Fizzics is truly the first of its kind. Tim Cogil, the director of private brands, notes although "canned carbonated brews" started popping up last summer, this is the first one that can be "chilled on demand."

No more ice packs. No more coolers. No more trying to find a shady spot for your iced coffee to rest. Enjoying cold coffee beverages just got approximately 827 times more convenient.

The carbonated drink industry has had somewhat of a renaissance as of late, as brands look for cool and interesting ways to reach millennials, especially. Not all that long ago, we learned LaCroix and coffee had a love child and named it Phocus. Phocus contains no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, but it does pack the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee.

And let’s not forget Pepsi, who launched a line of sparkling flavored water called bubly, we reported earlier this year. They created fun and funny flavors like limebubly, cherrybubly, and applebubly, the pop tabs feature silly messages, and the cans are really cute — which matters more than anything, because we all know it’s what on the outside that counts.

Or something like that.

Fizzics is certainly the start of a new era, though. As 7-Eleven pointed out in their press release, companies have been trying to master the self-chilling can for more than 60 years, constantly on the hunt for a viable option that works, is simple to use, and can be made available to the public. And now, they’ve gone and done it. This isn’t just about pretty cans anymore. It’s about convenience. It’s about finding new ways to wow us.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, keep your eyes peeled for Fizzics. Fingers and toes crossed it rolls out in other states yesterday, if not sooner.

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