Someone NEEDS To Read This Exact Toast At Meghan Markle’s Rehearsal Dinner

It’s official: Invitations for the new Wedding of the Century have gone out, and even though our book The Royal We obviously willed this into being like some kind of royalty-specific version of The Secret, it appears that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did not save a seat for us. We understand. The venue — St. George’s Chapel — is petite (Westminster Abbey it is not), and the guest list will be tightened up to the closest of friends, the most obligatory of relatives, the most Michelle Obama of Michelle Obamas, and of course all five Spice Girls. (Seriously, ladies, couldn’t two become one to free up a little pew space?) But don’t sweat it, Meghan. You’ve still got some royal-watching, romance-loving, star-spangled bosom friends in your corner, and the toast we’re pretty sure you wanted us to give at the rehearsal dinner is something you can read here instead. (Heads-up, we’ll be in Windsor for the big weekend, just in case there are any no-shows.)

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