Stephanie Davis’ relationships: Who has the Hollyoaks star been romantically involved with?

Hollyoaks star Stephanie Davis, 26, has had quite the star-studded love life so far, but it has not been without its ups and downs.

We take a look at some of the famous faces the stunning actress has been linked to.

Zayn Malik

Stephanie dated One Direction megastar Zayn Malik for five months back in 2011. Speaking during her time on Celebrity Big Brother, she said it was “just before he started seeing Perrie.”

She then went on to insinuate that there might have been an overlap in Zayn’s affections for her and his now ex Perrie Edwards of Little Mix fame, saying: “We actually broke up because I found out he had been meeting up with Perrie.”

"It was just one of those things. Zayn is a good lad really, I don’t have anything bad to say about him."

However, she did clarify that she had not spoken to him in years.

Charlie Clapham

During Stephanie’s first stint on Hollyoaks, before she was sacked by producers for unprofessional behaviour, she dated her co-star Charlie Clapham in 2014.

He went on to slate the star, later telling The Leicester Mercury: ”As I’m getting older, I think more that mixing business and pleasure maybe is not the best idea. But, we’re a company of young actors and actresses; it would be strange if relationships weren’t happening.

“We all respect our jobs and I know I love and respect mine. You carry on with what you do, regardless of what’s happened in your personal life.”

However despite the subtle dig, Charlie insisted that their relationship did not affect work and that there was was no behind-the-scenes drama.

He said: "You have to be professional. It’s all fine."

Sam Reece

Model and Ex On The Beach star Sam Reece began dating Stephanie back in 2015, before she cheated on him in the Big Brother house with Jeremy McConnell.

Stephanie sensationally went on to dump Sam on national television, as viewers watched her romance with reality star Jeremy begin.

Two years later Sam did not seem to be over the betrayal, branding the star a “snake” as he watched Bianca Gascoigne cheat on her boyfriend also on Celebrity Big Brother.

Sam took to Twitter to offer Bianca’s boyfriend CJ Meeks some support, posting: “Sams supporting suffering snake victims hotline is now open.. move aside Jezza”. [sic]

He then went on to clarify that he meant the ex daytime TV host, Jeremy Kyle, rather that McConnell, writing: “Jezza meaning Jeremy Kyle btw.”

Jeremy McConnell

After the Celebrity Big Brother saga Stephanie had a relationship with Jeremy and they had a son, Caben-Albi, together. The couple had a highly tumultuous relationship and initially split after a couple of months of dating due to reports of cheating.

They split just before Stephanie announced she was pregnant with their baby and Jeremy denied it was his, going on to take a paternity test live on This Morning that confirmed he was indeed the father.

The pair went on to reunite following Caben’s birth, however in August 2017 Jeremy was found guilty of assaulting Stephanie.

Jeremy was found guilty of attacking Stephanie at her home in Merseyside while she was holding their baby son and was given a suspended sentence.

The Irish star served 34 days of a 20 week sentence after breaching his community service order.

Speaking about the ordeal on The Jeremy Kyle show Jeremy said: “I’m not violent to women. That was an incident that happened. I was convicted of a crime and I’ve done my punishments.”

Owen Warner

Stephanie recently dated another Hollyoaks co-star, 20 year old Owen Warner, for nine months until this September.

Speaking to Closer magazine she previously opened up about wanting to marry Owen, saying: "I used to ask people, ‘How do know if they’re The One?’, and they’d say, ‘you just know’."

"I can’t imagine my life without him. He’s so good to me, and he love the bones of me. He’s shown me what a real relationship is like."

She added: ”He’s the one I am going to marry, so hopefully it’ll happen next year. That’s what he tells me. He always bends down and does his shoe laces on purpose, to wind me up, so I’m like, ‘oh my god’."

A source told The Sun Online of the split: “They decided to end it today and Steph is insisting there’s no going back.

“She couldn’t be more devastated as she saw a real future with Owen, particularly as he’s been a father figure to Caben.

“Steph is absolutely heartbroken and devastated it’s over – she wanted to be with Owen forever and now all of a sudden she’s mourning the loss of him in her and Caben’s lives.”

An insider told Mirror Online that the reason they split was that the relationship was too full on for Owen, who was just 19 when they met.

“It was all a bit too much for him. Stephanie has been very full on the last few months," the insider said.

"It was blatantly obvious she was moving the relationship forward at a rate of 100 miles an hour and him being the age he is found it very difficult to breathe. It was all very suffocating.”

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